Friday , 24 November 2017


Truly Terrifying Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween just ended, but Halloween Pumpkins still got another couple of weeks of life! And then in a month you’ll see them slouching, wet and defeated, next to some porch and try to remember what exactly it all meant. But even though Halloween pumpkins are destined to die a smelly death, the memory of their frightening messages will live on …

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Kids Attack Their Own Hair

Scissors and hair clippers in kids’ hands can result in terrible results. I’m not so much referring to the youngins being a danger to themselves physically as much as I am how they can create images that will scar them for life emotionally. In a nutshell, kids should never be allowed to cut their own hair. Only pain, embarrassment and …

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Girls Ask Their Crushes Out To See Their Reactions

Guys are usually always the ones who have to put their egos on the line and ask out the girl. That’s why it’s refreshing to see the #DateChallenge blowing up on Twitter. @oloni asked her followers to ask out their crushes and share the results, regardless of the outcome. Some of the conversations are pretty sweet, and I now find …

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