Awesome Rare NBA Photos That You’ve Never Seen

The NBA has always been a star driven league with its Stars always in the headlines. Check out some of these photos of the NBA stars you might have not seen. Dirk and Nash having a little fun. Shaq and Malone passing time on the way to a game Mama, there goes that man! The Spurs attempting to have some …

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Bhutan Plants 108,000 Trees To Celebrate The Birth Of A New Prince

Bhutan is the world’s most carbon-negative country and they’re looking to keep things that way. Citizens of the country recently planted 108,000 trees to commemorate the first Royal Child of His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and Queen Jetsun Pema. It’s written into the country’s constitution that at least 60 perfect of the land must remain forested at all …

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Dracula’s Castle Is Up For Sale With A Price Tag Of $80 Million

In Romania there is a castle called Bran Castle, but it’s known to most people as Dracula’s castle. Bram Stoker used the castle as inspiration for his 1897 novel Dracule and people have been associating it with the iconic vampire ever since. Now the house is on the market and it can be all yours for the price of $80 …

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Bask in the beauty of light shows around the world

Blue Grotto – Capri, Italy A magical cave hidden below the Italian island of Capri. The light shining from the cave’s entrance illuminates the water below to create the amazing blue glow. Aurora Borealis – Jasper National Park, Canada A truly beautiful phenomenon that occurs when electrons collide with the upper reaches of Earth’s atmosphere. Source   Sun dogs Sun …

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Pic shows: The damaged painting.nnA young boy damaged an expensive painting at a Leonardo da Vinci art exhibition this week when he lost his footing - and put his hand through the canvas while trying to regain his balance.nnThe unnamed boy, aged 12, was at an exhibition hall in the Huashan 1914 Creative Park in the Taiwanese capital Taipei when he tripped and punched a hand-sized hole in the Paolo Porpora (1617¿1673) painting known as "Flowers", which was part of a da Vinci art viewing.nnSun chi-hsuan, head of the exhibition co-organiser TST Art of Discovery Co., said the 200-centimetre tall painting at the exhibition ¿ titled "The Face of Leonardo, Images of a Genius" ¿ is around 350-years-old and valued at over 50 million NTD (950,000 GBP).nnFortunately for the boy¿s family, organisers said they will not ask that they pay for damage done to the 17th century painting.nnInstead, insurance will cover the full cost of the restoration, which will be done in Taiwan.nnChi-hsuan added that Andrea Rossi, the exhibition¿s visiting curator, was shocked to learn about the incident, and that he will be discussing restoration work with a Taiwanese art restorer before shipping the artwork back to Italy.nnAndrea reportedly also asked that the boy not be blamed or punished for the accident.nnChi-hsuan also said that the insurance company will be compensating the owner of the painting, adding that this is the first time a valuable painting loaned to Taiwan has suffered such serious damage.nn"The Face of Leonardo, Images of a Genius" exhibition is currently displaying more than 50 authentic paintings by artists from the Italian Renaissance to the 20th century.nn(ends)n

9 Of The Biggest Mistakes In Human History

You’ve probably made some mistakes in your lifetime, but none of the mistakes you’ve made compare to these ones. Boy Trips and Accidentally Punches Hole Through $1.5 Million Painting: A chubby Taiwanese boy was admiring Paolo Porpora’s “Flowers” at a Leonardo Da Vinci-themed showing in Taipei when he tripped and fell onto the 350-year-old painting. His fist tore through the …

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23 Strange And Rare Items People Found On The Beach

You just never know what you’re going to find when you go for a stroll on the beach. A car stuck in Alaska Egg shaped seaweed appeared on Sydney’s Dee Why Beach in Australia Megalodon teeth A mini C-3PO holding all the wedding bands found on the beach An unknown message found in Banje beach, Croatia A couple from Kent, …

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Game of Thrones characters if they were featured in random films

  Who’s not just a little excited for the 6th season of GOT, which premiers April 24th? Well as the fandemonium and PR ramps up for the new season, a redditor called Whitezine began to ponder what would happen if he took his favorite characters from the show and embedded them into random movie posters. Why you ask? To quote …

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