Saturday , 10 October 2015



Company Turns Disaster Debris Into Real Life Lego Blocks

The Mobile Factory is changing everything you know about disaster relief. The company is taking debris and turning it into real life lego blocks that can build new houses. This new system provides people with jobs and allows them to clean and rebuild their community at the same time. A new company, ‘The Mobile Factory,’ has plans to turn disaster ...

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1000 Pound Woman Makes Amazing Transformation After Losing 800 Pounds

At one time this woman could barely move because of her weight. Not she’s confident, mobile and healthy. Mayra Rosales weighed over 1,000 pounds at her heaviest. That’s almost as much as a fully-grown grizzly bear. Mayra had no mobility whatsoever. Chains, supporters, hoists, and lifts were used just for basic bathing. She decided to do something about it though. ...

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This Is How Much Game Of Thrones Properties Would Cost In Real Life

Have you ever wondered how much the locations from “Game of Thrones” would cost if they existed in real life? London and Country Mortgages recently determined what it would cost to live in the most famous locations from Westeros and it’s not cheap.   £1,000,000,000=$1,557,100,000 £250,000,000=$389,095,000 £750,000,000=$1,167,120,000 £3,215,547= $5,004,034.24 £1,647=$2562.90 £200,000,000=$311,259,000 £50,000,000=$77,814,750 £150,000,000=$233,424,000 £643,109=$1,000,741 £217,000,000=$337,673,700 £500,000,000=$778,147,500 £125,000,000=$194,512,500 £375,000,000=$583,560,000 £1,607,774=$2,501,857.12 £677,000,000=$1,053,367,995 ...

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79 Year Old Woman Sneaks Out Of Her Care Home To Get A Tattoo

Sadie Sellers is 79 years old and she’s trying to cross everything she can off of her bucket list. She always wanted to get a tattoo so she escaped from her care home to go get one. Her son found her at Studio Seventy-Six tattoo parlour in Londonderry, Northern Ireland fulfilling her dream of getting some ink.

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