Tuesday , 20 February 2018


18 Things Guys Wear That Instantly Make Them a Million Times Hotter

Some guys seem to have it, while others just can’t seem to pull an outfit together. Truth is, looking a billion times hotter is actually pretty simple. There are a few articles of clothing out there that will make just about any guy way more appealing to the opposite sex. Whether you’re looking to up your appeal when you’re out …

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Amazing Bridge Designs

You know, we take them fro granted, but bridges are a pretty important piece of infrastructure, wherever you live. And while some them are pretty standard – drive/walk up on end and out the other, sometimes designers go a little crazy and make some insane bridges, that you’ll feel like you’re tripping, while you’re crossing. These bridges are some pretty …

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This Man Caught His Girlfriend Cheating And Loses An Incredible Amount Of Weight

Breakups are dismal in and of themselves, but when they’re the result of someone cheating it’s somehow worse. 26-year-old Mike Vaughan recently found himself at the business of one of these breakups, but instead of succumbing to the grief, Mike channeled the pain of his heartbreak into losing weight. A lot of it. Almost immediately, Mike joined a six-week weight …

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8 Naughty Gifts Your Boyfriend Really Wants For His Birthday

Meta: Is his birthday coming up and you have no idea what to get him? Consider getting him something he really wants—something naughty! It’s that time of year again! No, it isn’t Christmas or tax time—it’s your special guy’s birthday. Instead of giving him the same old thing (a BJ, his favorite meal, quiet time—whatever you normally get him), how …

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Rich Kids Of Instagram Get Busted For Heroin

This heroin gang had ties to a Mexican cartel and they were recently busted with $900k worth of heroin in New York City. Their $1 million dollar luxury cars were confiscation, so it doesn’t look like they’ll be flaunting them on Instagram anytime soon.

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How Moonshine Is Manufactured In Russia

Policemen recently detained a Novodvorsk forestry worker near the Belovezhskaya Pushcha after they discovered he turned a mobile vehicle into a moonshine brewing device. The device was captured along with 300 liters of moonshine.

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