Monday , 20 November 2017


The Biggest Plane Ever Bulit

Microsoft billionaire unveils huge ‘Stratolaunch’ aircraft with a wingspan longer than a football field and two cockpits. The massive plane is designed to launch satellites into orbit.

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Teen Prostitute Who Slept With Cops Sues Oakland For $1 Million

A 19 year old woman who worked as a prostitute named Celeste Guap is claiming that she slept with over 30 police officers while she was underage over the course of 3 years. The scandal came to light after one of the officers involved took their own life, and she was awarded $1 million dollars after she sued the city …

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The Ruins of Villa Epecuen, Argentina’s Ghost Town

The village of Villa-Epequin in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires began to sink in 1985 due to a break in a local dam. People were forced to leave their homes as the water depth rose to about 10 meters. Now that the water level has declined only skeletons of buildings remain.

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