Tuesday , 20 February 2018


Guy Builds Houses Out Of Plastic Bottles In Algeria

Tateh Lehbib Breica, 27, is building houses from made of plastic bottles in Algeria. According to him, the homes are much more resistant to the extreme climate in the area. The houses are built of plastic bottles filled with sand which are then cemented together.

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Inventors that accidentally and ironically invented their demise

Do you know what the definition of irony is? It’s using all of your brainpower to try to invent something that’s going to help mankind, then having that same invention be the thing that takes you out. That’s the story of these guys. The intentions were there, the motivations noble, but something didn’t quite get worked out beforehand and now, …

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You Can Now Own A Castle In Italy For Free

Italy is giving away 103 run down properties and this is your chance to own one. The villas, inns and castles are being given away for free, but the catch is that the new owners have to commit to restoring them. People who would like to own one of the properties are encouraged to submit an application.

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Guy Finds Unexpected Treasure While Digging Through Family Belongings

When this guy went digging through an old box he found something he never his family owned. “My family has this cool old box… a little piece of history” “Side view of cool old box” “A document” “It was our Family crest!” “The engraved die used to make the wax seal” “It’s the joining of 2 farms, one owner giving …

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Grandmother’s Wrong Number Text Ends In An Amazing New Friendship

When people normally receive a text from a wrong number they’ll ignore it. But when Jen Deaderick got a text from an unknown number she did something a little different. Deaderick received a series of birthday wishes from a woman named Opal, intended for her granddaughter, Samiya. Instead of just blowing off the kind woman, Deaderick replied with some details …

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