Tuesday , 21 November 2017


Chinese Man Digs Canal To Provide Water To His Village

A resident of the mountainous province of Guizhou in the southwest of China dug a massive channel that’s 9400 meters long down the slop of a mountain so his village could have water. He started the project in his 50s and over 300 assistants helped over the course of several years.

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This Single Dad Works For Cirque du Soleil

Wayne Skiveton is a 29 year old man who was born in Germany, and he’s also a single father. Right before he turned 21 he got an offer to join Cirque du Soleil and now he performs acrobatic workouts with his son that have become quite popular on Instagram.

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Man Discovers Lost Photos Of Barcelona After Buying An Envelope

When American tourist Tom Sponheim bought an envelope of photo negatives from a flea market in Barcelona back in 2001 he didn’t think much of it. But he later discovered that the photos are stunning. The work has been credited to late photographer Milagros Caturla, and the photos will be on display at Barcelona’s Revela-T photography festival in May.

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