UK Police Apologize For Realistic Anti-Terrorism Exercises

Citizens of Manchester were frightened on May 9th and 10th when they saw what they thought was a terrorist attack at the Trafford Centre. The police were doing anti-terrorism exercises and more than 800 volunteers attended. Following the exercises UK police had to apologize after they received threats from people saying they were offending the Muslim community.

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Old School Weapons That Serve Multiple Purposes

If your primary weapon during a battle is a gun and you run out of ammo then you’re pretty much screwed. That’s why weapons like this were invented so that anyone involved in a battle would have more than one way to vanquish their opponents.

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Guatemalan Family Goes On A Little Adventure

A tourist in Guatemala recently snapped these photos of some locals doing something very unwise. They pulled their kids behind their truck in a toy car that was attached to the truck by a stick and some rope. Obviously they’re not the brightest bunch.

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Mom fixes son’s cut in the best way possible

Imgur user mommybrittaney was doing laundry when her son decided to jump onto the pile of clothes. While jumping he slipped, hit his head on the bed frame and got a cut that he was embarrassed about. Mommybrittaney jumped into action like any other good mom would do.

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An Inside Look At How Gibson Les Pauls Are Made

The Gibson Les Paul is one of the most popular and iconic guitars on the planet. While some guitar companies choose to have their guitars built by machines, Gibson still builds their guitars mostly by hand with a little assistance from machines along the way.

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Army responds to Captain America’s controversy

Redditer anon33249038 posted a theory last week about the money the Army owes Captain America for his 66 years of service. Taking into account specialized service, an increase in pay grade, and that Cap’ was commissioned the same year he finished basic training. The final number is a smooth $3,154,619.52 in back pay. There was some discussion on whether he …

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Delicious onion ring recipes just in time for summer

Sriracha Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings Recipe HERE Mozzarella Stuffed Baked Onion Rings Recipe HERE Sweet Baked Onion Rings Recipe HERE Ketchup Doritos Cheese Stuffed Onion Rings Recipe HERE Cheeseburger Onion Ring Bites Recipe HERE Bacon Wrapped Seasoned Pineapple Cheese Onion Rings Recipe HERE Guacamole Onion Rings Recipe HERE Crispy Pepper Rings Recipe HERE Bacon Wrapped Doritos Breaded Onion Rings Recipe …

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Old Bodies From Strange Creatures Were Discovered In A London Basement

In 1960 demolition crews explored an old abandoned London mansion formerly owned by Thomas Theodore Merlin. In the basement they found thousands of strange wooden boxes with had been sealed. Once they finally got the boxes opened they found something shocking inside. The boxes contained the bodies of some strange looking creatures that look like something out of a twisted …

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Fascinating Facts About Dogs That Prove They’re The Best Pets Ever

Dogs are the best pets ever. There’s no denying it. A three year old Russian girl who survived for 11 days in Siberian taiga forest by drinking from a creek and eating berries while being protected by her dog which went to get help after nine days and returned with rescuers Dogs have only recently been able to watch TV, …

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