Saturday , 10 October 2015



A Look Inside The Life Of A Miner

Miners who live in Haizhou District Fuxin City, Liaoning Province lead gloomy lives. They spend 12 hours a day working the mines and it doesn’t look like it’s doing all that much for their health.

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Tom Atkinson Presents Soldier Kits From Back In The Day And Today

Tom Atkinson is a photographer and he recently put together a photo series which features British soldier kits from 1066 to 2014. His photos show just the evolution of British soldiers and the items that they used to defend their country. 1066 1244 1415 1485 1588 1645 1709 1815 1854 1916 1944 1982 2014 Source

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Giant Bundle Of Weed Comes Crashing Through A Family’s Roof

Maya Donnelly woke up on the morning of September 8th to find out that she had a new hole in the roof of her carport at her Arizona home. She discovered that the hole had been created by a 28 pound bundle of weed that fell from the sky. The weed was the result of some drug smuggling gone wrong ...

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This Man’s Wife Might Be Immortal

This man took his wife, who was his girlfriend at the time to junior prom twenty years ago. The couple posed for a similar photo twenty years later and it doesn’t look like his wife has aged at all.

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It’s official, there is liquid water on Mars!

Scientists from NASA confirmed this morning that liquid water flows on Mars. Salts occurring in the Martian soil prevent the water from freezing just like the salt we put on roads here on Earth. Dark streaks known as recurring slope lineae (RSL) grow up to a few hundred meters in length and are formed by briny liquid water. These streaks ...

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