Monday , 24 September 2018


Titanic Survivors Share Their Amazing Stories

The sinking of the Titanic was a horrific disaster. More than half of the 1503 passengers lost their lives in the frigid Atlantic ocean that night. Since then, tales of that fateful evening have become the stuff of legends. The survivors themselves are legends. Their stories are powerful and moving, showing the remarkable resiliency of the human spirit and an …

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There’s Always Something That Can Surprise Us

“Researching plantation houses in the 1700s. What is the thing hanging from the ceiling in this dining room?” It’s a ceiling fan. The rope at the top would be pulled to create the back and forth motion to fan the air and keep flies away from the table during a meal. “Found underneath the seat on the metro train, seems to be a windowed container filled with sawdust?” There is a “sandbox” …

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Riddles Sooo Hard To Figure Out

Lets exercise those brains with a few riddles I definitely didn’t look up the answer for on Google! Seriously, a few of these are pretty tough. Give it your best shot! The answer for each riddle will be below the next image in the gallery. He was washing the window from the inside. X, XX, XXX Beulah and Craig are …

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Doctors Share Ways To Improve Your Stamina In The Bedroom

Drinking too much coffee can create potential health risks but according to Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, it can be great for your sex life. “Caffeine is a wonderful, safe legal stimulant. It’s been proven to increase blood flow to all organs of our bodies — including our sexual organs. As this relates to the penis, caffeine causes the arteries to relax …

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Spacious Facts About Our Universe

NASA has recorded eerie space “sounds.” NASA uses a technique called data sonification to take signals from radio waves, plasma waves, and magnetic fields and convert them into audio tracks to “hear” what’s happening in space. The sounds range from ambulance-like screeches to beeps reminiscent of an alien spaceship making its approach. Sunsets on Mars are blue. The Curiosity Mars …

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How You Can Find Evolution On Your Own Body

The Philtrum is the groove between your nose and mouth. It develops during the two to three months of embryo gestation in the womb. Because it has no real function, some evolutionists believe it’s a trait that was passed down from fish. Hiccups We’ve all had hiccups. They’re those annoying spasms in your chest you’ve tried every trick in the …

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