Wednesday , 21 February 2018


Americans Bury Memes In The Desert For Future Descendants

Employees of one of the largest American entertainment portals carved some popular memes into a stone pillar and buried it in the middle of the desert in Spain. Some of the memes that happened to make the final cut include philosophizing dinosaur, Pico Taro, creator of Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen and more.

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Made in America: The most expensive cars ever sold

12. 1966 AAR Gurney-Weslake Eagle MK1 Price: $3.74 million in 2013 This V12 powered race car is consider by many to be one of the most beautiful Formula 1 cars ever made (obviously, it can be debated). There were only 4 ever built and this one was the winner of seven world championship races. 11. 1967 Chevy Corvette L88 Price: …

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Guys Who Changed Their Weight And Their Lives

These men refused to be overweight forever. Mark Ludlow: minus 132 lbs Noah Kingery: minus 190 lbs Luiz Trigo: minus 230 lbs Ross Gardner: minus 196 lbs Eli Sapharti: minus 119 lbs Jeremy Reid: minus 90 lbs Rick Snowdon: minus 180 lbs Nathan Priestley: minus 169 lbs Pasquale Brocco : minus 299 lbs

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Brazilian Gangsters Pull Off The Robbery Of The Century In Paraguay

Brazilian bandits pulled off a $40 million dollar heist in Paraguay that’s being called the “robbery of the century.” Around 50 gumen with explosives turned the city of Ciudad del Este into a war zone and they left one policeman dead. Paraguay and Brazil have joined forces to hunt down the robbers and so far three suspects have been killed …

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Man Spends His One Day Off Cleaning Veterans’ Tombstones

Andrew Lumish only gets one day off a week, but he doesn’t spend it relaxing. He’s the owner of a professional cleaning service that restores tombstones for military vets and when he’s not busy working his 6 day a week commercial job, he spends his day off paying his respects to fallen soldiers by making sure they have a clean …

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