Say Hello To The Last Resident Of Chernobyl

Ivan Shamyanok is a 90 year old man that’s been living just outside the 1,000 sq mi Chernobyl exclusion zone for 30 years. He says that he made the right move by staying because everyone that moved out of the village and then tried to move back ended up dying.

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What iPhone apps cost in 1996

A new iPhone may seem expensive, but once you compare it to everything it replaces it can be pretty clear just how much better we have it than our Dad’s did. Like text messaging, which you would have to send from a landline once upon a time to a pager. Good luck returning the message though. Of course you’d need …

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Tiny Apartment Gets Turned Into A Royal Palace

You probably wouldn’t expect this apartment to look luxurious on the inside, but the owner has transformed it into something fresh and exciting. She ordered the nicest furniture she could from Italy and now it looks like royalty lives in her tiny apartment.

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Bakery Owner Sells His Business To A Homeless Man For One Euro

A baker in France is selling his business to a homeless man for the very low price of only 1 euro. The homeless man saved his life back in December when a defective oven started leaking gas. To pay the man back the owner gave him a part time job and he’s been doing so well that he’s going to …

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The Untold Story Of Project Tagboard

This is everything you never knew you wanted to know about this secret government project. After American U-2 Spy plane nicknamed “Dragon Lady” was shot down by the Soviet Union during its reconnaissance mission in 1960, the CIA intended to improve a reconnaissance aircraft and make it really fast. So, this story is about the Lockheed D-21 a.k.a. “Project Tagboard.” …

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