Friday , 9 December 2016



Grab Some Quick Knowledge With These Interesting Facts

Food, entertainment, and fun usually pleasure our mind and not our brain. The brain is a very important organ in our body that controls all our actions and defines who we’re. As a result, it needs to be active each day in order to improve its power and efficiency. Don’t worry if you’re confused about what to feed your brain …

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China Is Trying To Turn Parts Of The Desert Green

Chinese authorities have come up with a six year plan to grow grass in an area of the Tengeri desert, and make it green. It’s the fourth largest desert in China, but the country is trying to alter the landscape by planting healthy plants in the area.

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A quick refresher on types of coffee

Coffee. Otherwise known as the gasoline for humans, it’s of those things that people either love or hate. For a lot of people, it’s a necessity in the morning. For others, well, they can’t stand it. Wherever you fall in the coffee spectrum, here is a guide that you might find helpful the next time you decide to take a …

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Ever wonder what the “Deep Web” is?

The Internet A humongous global network of computers that allow us to connect and exchange information anytime, anywhere. The internet is a crazy concept. You can look for anything on the internet. But, what about the stuff you can’t find? Chances are, you’ll find it in the deep web. What is the deep web? Lets take a look.   The …

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20 Inspiring Quotes That Will Keep You Motivated

It is important for everyone to start their day with some motivation. Motivation makes you achieve your goals faster and more easily. However, in one way or other, we’re getting motivated by our surroundings. If that isn’t enough and if you’re in need of more motivation, then here are some inspiring quotes and pictures that will give you motivation for …

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Food Combinations That Are Beneficial To Your Health

Eating healthy can be tough, but these food combinations happen to be both delicious, and good for your body. Apples and dark chocolate This combination cannot be called traditional, yet it’s worth a try! The enzyme catechin, contained in apples, and the antioxidant quercetin can do wonders together by enhancing immunity, stimulating brain activity, improving the heart and blood vessels, …

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Man Rescues 70 People From ISIS Snipers Using Bulletproof BMW

You’ve definitely never seen a BMW like this before. When Ako Abdul Rahman was attacked by militants who were advancing on the city , “Kirkuk” Iraq, he realized that he needed protection. So he bought an early-’90s bulletproof BMW 7 Series at an auction for $10,000. On October 21 when ISIS carried out a series of attacks. Abdulrahman drove the …

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You Need To Eat At These Crazy Places Before You Die

You’re only going to live once, so you might as well try to eat at as many of these crazy themed restaurants as you can. Dinner in the Sky (various locations) Theme: Regular dining, except you are suspended in the air. Dinner in the Sky is a Belgian based service that utilizes a crane to lift its diners 150 feet …

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Ancient warriors and the weapons they mastered

Samurai Often referred to as “Bushi” or “Buke” in Japanese, the Samurai were warriors who were trained in strategy and military tactics. Seen as “the epitome of the ultimate Japanese warrior” by many people around the globe, the Samurai were warriors who really knew how to use a sword.   The Katana Incredibly sharp, slightly curved, long gripped, and one …

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