Monday , 24 October 2016



Glow In The Dark Bicycle Path Unveiled In Poland

This glow in the dark bicycle path can be found near Lidzbark Warminski in the north of Poland. It’s made from a synthetic material that is charged by the sun, and it can hold up to ten hours of light. The impressive strip is powered entirely by the sun, and it’s still in the testing phases.

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You Won’t Believe How This Lonely Old Lady Has Been Living

Lucy Ashen is a mother of three and she’s been living in her London apartment for 21 years. She has an elderly neighbor with a mental disability who lives along and she’s tried numerous times to get invited into her apartment. Lucy finally gained the woman’s trust and showed her what’s inside, and it was absolutely shocking. “I have lived …

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This Superyacht At The Monaco Yacht Show Is On Sale For $174 Million

The Monaco Yacht Show is an annual trade show in Monaco, where some of the newest luxury yachts are on display. ‘Solandge’ is one of those yachts that is on sale for whopping $174 million. Let’s take a closer look at this beauty. Measuring 279-feet long, the six-deck yacht has a bar with a piano, pool, movie theater, and dining …

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This Ripped Guy And His Acrobatic Girlfriend Are Insanely Athletic

Austin Raye, 26, and his girlfriend Julian Daigre from New Orleans, Louisiana, have made a name for themselves in the fitness world thanks to their complex routines. They combine acrobatics and muscle endurance, a video of one of their workouts was recently shared on the Muscle Madness Facebook page and it has been viewed more than 25 million times.

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Inventors who created products we should all be grateful for

Joseph Gayetty invented modern toilet paper back in 1857. Before his invention, things such as wool, hemp, pottery shards and special sticks were used. In some parts of the world, water is still preferred over paper, but if you live in the US, it’s likely you use Gayetty’s invention on a daily basis. Nikola Tesla was a man of many …

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A Look Inside Facebook’s Massive Data Center In Sweden

Luleå, Sweden is home to a massive Facebook data center that holds the data of over 1.59 billion people. Over 150 people work at the data center and it houses 25,000 servers. The data center is filled with fans that keep temperatures cool at all times so that the equipment doesn’t overheat.

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Hundreds Of People Build A Human Tower In Spain

Teams of up to 500 people compete in Concurs de Castells which is an event that is held in Tarragona, Spain. The people come together to build human towers which can sometimes reach up to 10 tiers high. The tradition dates back to 18th century.

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Two Tone Lake In China Is Half Pink

Yanhu Lake in the Chinese province of Shanxi is divided into different parts by a road, and it changes different colors throughout the year. The changes are caused by algae, and certain parts of the lake are turned pink when the changes take place. Yanhu Lake is one of the largest inland salt lakes in the world, and it’s often …

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