Sunday , 25 September 2016



Drivers In This Chinese City Are Rat-Proofing Their Cars

People living in the city of Nanning in southern China have had to rat-proof their cars recently because the rat population in the city is growing. The DIY solution to this problem is to create what’s being called “a skirt” made out of cloth and bamboo which keeps the rats out.

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Jaguar E-Type 1964 Discovered In A Dilapidated Garage

A Jaguar E-Type 1964 is a terrible thing to waste. When a family in England inherited a house with an old garage they decided to take a look around and that’s where they found the classic car. It was later purchased at auction by the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, in December 2016 for somewhere between 35-45 thousand pounds.

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How To Teach A 3-Year-Old Investment Strategies

If you want to teach your kids how to invest their money, helping them start their own business is a great way to do it. Step 1: Making the plan As parents we are goofy, silly, and spontaneous, but we try to emphasis the importance of making a plan. We planned out our day and then my daughter helped draw …

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Norwegian Man Has Unhappy Accident While Using IKEA Furniture

When this guy tried out his new IKEA chair he unfortunately found himself balls deep in an awful situation. Claus Jørstad, 45, purchased this Marius chair for showering because he had a knee injury. The chairs design had some holes in the seat and while they look nice they, they proved to be a tricky trap for Claus. When the …

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Guide Wire Saves Man From Falling Nine Stories

A man in the US was trying to park his car on the ninth floor of a parking garage when something went horribly wrong. His car didn’t stop and he rolled through the guard wires. One of the guard wires wrapped around his wheel and saved him from falling all the way to the ground, and eventually he was able …

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Inventive Bicycle Modifications That Will Amaze You

We all make different upgrades to our bicycles the way we want it to be looked. But the upgrades worth only if it deliver you the comfort that you are looking for. However, there are even people who take their bicycle modification to the extreme level and sometimes they may even look awkward, but some are inventive too. Here are …

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Horrifying Photos Show Heroin Addicted Parents Passed Out In Car

An off duty police officer from East Liverpool, Ohio was tailing a suspicious vehicle when the vehicle swerved and stopped on the side of the round. When he pulled up to the vehicle he saw two parents overdosed on heroin, passed out in the front seats with a young child in the back. He shared these disgusting photos on social …

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Australian DJ Gets 50 Years In Prison For 61 Ecstasy Pills

Jake Mastroianni, 26, is a DJ from Melbourne and he had an awesome life before he was incarcerated in Thailand. Jake traveled the world and spent his free time with beautiful women, but he was busted for 61 ecstasy pills by authorities in Thailand, and now he’s spending the next 50 years in jail.

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German Man Builds Heaviest Bike In The World

Frank Dose of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, spent half a year working on the heaviest bike in the world. It cost him $4,700 to complete and the vehicle weights more than a ton. According to Frank riding on the bike is surprisingly easy.

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Europe’s First Beer Fountain Opens In Slovenia

Hundreds of beer lovers gathered in Slovenia recently to witness the unveiling of “Europe’s first beer fountain.” Six euros will get you a special glass that comes with a microchip that allows people to drink a limited amount of beer five times from one of the five different taps on hand.

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