Wednesday , 7 October 2015



Madagascar’s Limestone Towers Are Completely Awe Inspiring

The Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park in Madagascar’s Melaky region is one of those places everyone should add to their buckey list. The UNESCO World Heritage Site covers hundreds of kilometers and is best known for the many limestone towers that can be found in the area. It is a place that is truly stunning to look at.

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These Are The Animals That Have The Strongest Jaws

These animals were born with jaws that could rip just about anything to shreds. Piranha PSI: unknown Leopard PSI: 300-310 Tiger shark PSI: 325 African wild dog PSI: 340 Cougar PSI:350 Cougar PSI:350 Mastiff PSI:556 Great White Shark PSI:669 African Lion PSI: 691 Jaguar PSI: 700 Brown bear PSI: 850 Kodiak bear PSI: 930 Siberian tiger PSI: 950 Snapping turtle ...

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Meet The Man Who’s Been Dubbed The Real Life Tarzan

Michael Peter Fomenko is 84 years old and he decided to leave society 60 years ago to live in a rainforest between Cape York and Ingham in north Queensland Bushman. He’s been dubbed the “real life Tarzan” as he lives in the wild and feeds off of boars and crocodiles that he kills with his bare hands.

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Insect Flavored Ice Cream Is A Big Hit In London

This ice cream stand in London is getting a lot of attention for giving out free ice cream. But it’s not the fact that the ice cream is free that’s getting them all the attention. It’s the fact that the ice cream has insects in it that’s got a lot of people talking.

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1,000 Year Old Skeleton Discovered Under Tree

A 1,000 year old skeleton was recently discovered under a tree outside Collooney, Sligo after winds blew the tree down. It’s believed that the skeleton is quite old and belonged to a 17 to 20 year old boy during medieval times. This type of burial is an old medieval burial ritual that used to be common back in those days. ...

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