Thursday , 27 October 2016



Creepy cabin in the woods holds a mystery within

Arcata California is home to the Arcata Community Forest. The center piece of the Arcata Parks and Recreation system. Recently a cabin was discovered within the forest, where it is obviously illegal to build a residence. It was extremely well camouflaged and went undiscovered for an unknown amount of time. The discoverer said that it could not be seen until …

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This Central Park design is truly innovative

Yitan Sun and Jianshi Wu conceived this New York Central Park design which won them 1st place in eVolvo’s annual Skyscraper Competition. How does a park design win a skyscraper competition? The new man-made 1000 foot tall cliffside that surrounds the park is the skyscraper. By wrapping the skyscraper around the park the design breaks the traditional perception or large …

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Magical Pics Of Japan’s Cherry Blossom

Few places in the world do spring like Japan does spring. The vibrant and delicate cherry blossom is, after all, one of earth’s most majestic natural wonders, and there’s nothing quite like strolling beneath those ephemeral petals and marveling at how amazing mother nature can be. Sakura River White Wall Land of mist Evening cherry blossoms Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival …

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This 100 Year Old Car Still Runs Great

Dirk and Trudy Regter from Holland just spent the past 3 years driving 50,000 miles around the world in a 100 year old Ford Model T. The vehicle was one of the world’s first mass produced cars, and it still holds up today.

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Why You Should Always Check Your Food Before Eating It

Don’t ever be afraid to check what’s in your food before eating it. You never know what’s going to be in there. If you already found broccoli revolting, this should confirm that you were right all along. How old is this beef stew? I’m pretty sure whatever animal that is, it’s extinct by now. On the bright side, they got …

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Moments that prove beauty can be found in strangest places

It is so easy to get caught up in the grind. Day in and day out we see such horrible stories on the news, people being so cruel to each other and capable of such evil acts. We have to remember to stop and see that beauty can be found in the strangest places. These photos are guaranteed to restore …

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