Saturday , 27 August 2016



Guy loses 100lbs after becoming ‘fat guy’ meme

After a picture of him with his topless at a music festival was shared thousands of times online, Paul Moore was trolled on Facebook. The 26 year old from Cork, Ireland, says he was ‘devastated’ when the photo of him on his mate’s shoulders appeared in a lads’ mag with the caption: ‘Make extra beer money by renting yourself as …

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I hope this juice processing plant didn’t pass inspection

This is a juice plant in Egypt and it’s not abandoned. In fact they are getting ready to pump out their new line of Mango Nectar. Sounds delicious right? Did it pass inspection? Well, there’s zero oversight in Egypt for this industry and these types of juices are everywhere in Cairo. Savor the nectar…   Recycling the glass is paramount …

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This Is The World’s Largest Model Railroad

Burce Williams Zaccagnino is the owner of the largest model railroad in the world. It’s called the Northlandz Great American Railway and it’s located in a 52,000 square foot complex in Flemington, NJ. Bruce started the project with his wofe 44 years ago and now it has over 8 miles of track with 3,000 miniature buildings.

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Beautiful amputee girl becomes best of friends with a 3-legged kitten

Scarlette Tipton, is an adorable two-year-old, who sadly had her left arm completely amputated due to a cancer when she was 10 months old. Doc, a rescue kitten, had her right paw amputated after being run over by a car. Thankfully, one Christmas Eve, the Tipton family, from California, went to the shelter to find Scarlette the perfect companion. By …

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6 companies that inadvertently created their biggest rival

Netflix vs. Blockbuster Have you ever been so angry with a company that you proceed to destroy it and the entire industry as well? Well, Reed Hastings did just that when he got the idea for Netflix after receiving a $40 late fee of the movie Apollo 13! After pulling some investors together, Hastings launched Netflix in 1998 and quickly …

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20 retro inventions in time that will mystify you

Dashboard Coffeemakers I mean, this was the ultimate form of multitasking. Get your caffeine fix before heading into work. According to the designer, the machine held enough water for three cups of coffee and could also be used for preparing soups, boiling eggs, or heating water for washing or shaving. Just watch out for those potholes and speed bumps! Sunning …

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This Lone Christmas Tree Is Creeping Out Residents In New Orleans

Lisa Walley Staggs, a nurse who works in New Orleans spotted something in the abandoned hospital across the street from the one she works in. She noticed a lone glowing Christmas tree in the abandoned building so she took a few photos and uploaded them to Facebook. Now everyone is trying to figure out where the tree came from and …

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Woman Gets A Nice Surprise After Leaving A Note For A Stranger

This woman recently came home to find that her reserved parking spot had been taken by a stranger. She sucked it up and parked elsewhere but that caused her to get a parking ticket. She left a note for the stranger who parked in her space and much to her surprise, the stranger left her $100 in cash. After someone …

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Father Saves His Son’s Life By Breaking The Law

Desperate times call for desperate measures. A man, George Pickering took a gun to a hospital and had a stand-off with police for three hours. George’s son also named George had been declared brain dead by doctors after suffering a massive stroke in January this year. The 27 year old man had been on life support till doctors decided on …

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The most epic collection of “Star Wars” toys are going up for auction

One of the forefront Star Wars collectors in the world is putting part of his collection up for auction at Sotheby’s on December 11th and there are some amazing treasure’s for any fan of the force (or the Empire). Check out the highlights of his collection here. Replica Han Solo Blaster, 2002 Wind-up R2D2, 1978 Replica Return of the Jedi …

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The most mind-melting space photos of 2015

The Hubble Space Telescope captured these jets of energized gas shooting from a young star. The Pillars of Creation as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope in infrared light. Comet 67P taken by the Rosetta Orbiter. NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter took this picture of Acidalia Planitia, a location from the movie ‘The Martian.’ Globular cluster Messier 22 as observed by …

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