Tuesday , 1 December 2015



Police Intercept A Cocaine Shipment Worth $60 Million

Colombia’s National Police recently intercepted a shipment of 3.3 tons of cocaine that belonfed to the Colombian Usuga Clan crime gang. The shipment is worth an estimated $60 million and it was bound for Mexico before the police got a hold of it. One thing’s for sure, that’s a lot of cocaine.

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Is This Pennsylvania House Really Cursed?

York County, Pennsylvania may not be as infamous as Salem but it had its fair share of witches and magic too. To this day the murder of Nelson Rehmeyer in 1928 and everything else that happened in this house continues to haunt the county.

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You Won’t Believe How This Awful Mother Tried To Shame Her Child

Melany Joyce Alexander has been arrested on charges of child abuse after hitting her child with a belt and sending her to school wearing the ridiculous shirt pictured below. She tried to shame her daughter by forcing her to wear a t-shirt that talked about her bad grades and more. Obviously Melany isn’t so bright because she’s the one that …

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The World’s Oldest Identical Twin Sisters

Like most twins, Florence Davies and Glenys Thomas are devoted to each other. But their devotion is exceptional – they have stayed inseparable for 103 years! These lovely sisters lived through both world wars and are now considered to be the oldest living twins in the world.

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Unpacking The Stop-Motion Magic Of “The Boxtrolls”

 With 79 sets and 20,000 props, The Boxtrolls may be the most ambitious and large-scale stop-motion film ever made. Animation studio Laika, who also imagined the worlds of Coraline and Paranorman, ups the ante for The Boxtrolls by marrying stop-motion, hand-drawn animations, computer graphics and stereoscopic 3D into a visceral and immersive experience. We spoke to Laika about the creation …

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A new hotel in Australia lets you dine with lions and take a bath next

The brand-new hotel for thrill seekers, located in the National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra, Australia, lets you stay as close to the zoo’s numerous animals as possible. At the lodge, guests will almost be directly sharing a room with live animals. You can take a bath next to brown bears, dine with lions staring at you, and feed giraffes …

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