Thursday , 29 September 2016



Chinese Man Creates Giant Flower Garden For His Blind Wife

The Kurokis are a Japanese couple that have been married for many years and have raised two wonderful children together. But due to problems with her diabetes, Mrs. Kuroki lost her sight. That’s why Mr. Kuroki planted thousands of flowers hoping that the smell would make his wife happy and it seems to be working.

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The Last Words Ever Spoken By American Presidents

Everybody has to go at some point. But these US Presidents didn’t want to pass away without saying a few final words. George Washington – “Tis well.” John Adams – “Thomas Jefferson survives.” Though famously, and darkly ironic, Jefferson had died hours earlier. Thomas Jefferson – “No, doctor, nothing more.” James Madison – “Nothing more than a change of mind, …

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Teacher Sets Up Amazing Quidditch Photoshoot For His Students

In a remote village in Uttarakhand, photographer Anshu Agarwal worked on a special photoshoot. Anshu has been working in the village trying to teach the kids English and he says he’s been letting them watch the Harry Potter movies. He made it possible for them to take pictures playing Quidditch from the Harry Potter movies and it was a dream …

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Prepare To Travel Back In Time With These 24 Photos From Throughout History

To understand where humanity is going sometimes you need to take a look back at where it’s already been. Control room of the U-Boat submarine, 1918. A Japanese plane is shot down during the Battle of Saipan in 1944. Using banknotes as wallpaper during hyperinflation, Germany 1923. B-25 Mitchell skip-bombs a Japanese Kaibokan escort ship, 6 April 1945. U-118, a …

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Improve Your Whiskey Knowledge With This Helpful Guide

There are many different types of whiskey out there and today you’re going to learn all about them and what makes each one unique. So what exactly is whiskey? In the most basic definition, it’s a distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. Generally, the mash is aged in wooden casks which gives whiskey that distinct brown color and …

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14 Mysterious Places You’re Not Allowed To Visit

Some of these places might look like locations you would want to see for yourself. But don’t hold your breath. These places are closed off to the public and only a select few get to see what happens on the inside. The Secret Archives of the Vatican : Unless you’re a high authoritative figure in the papacy, you’ll never walk …

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There’s A Sinking Ghost Town In Greece

In central Greece there is a village called Ropoto and it’s been abandoned since 2012. The terrain shifted after the area was hit with a local disaster and now everything in the village is either sinking or slanted.

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A little about Mount Rushmore to celebrate President’s Day

The four headed presidential monument blasted into the a mountainside sounds as outlandish today as it must have 90 years ago, but at the height of the Great Depression, a monument like Mount Rushmore was exactly what America needed. Constructed from 1927 to 1942, the project employed hundreds daily and became a visual identity to the country. A shot of …

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