Tuesday , 1 September 2015



Man With Down Syndrome Receives over 30,000 Birthday Cards

A man in France with Down’s syndrome received over 30,000 birthday cards when he celebrated his big day recently thanks to a post from his family on Facebook that went viral. Lucien Parisseaux posted on the social networking site asking for his friends to send a postcard to his son Manuel because he loved receiving them, and it would make ...

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These 10 Super Dangerous Dinosaurs Make Me Glad They Went Extinct

Interest in dinosaurs is back and better than ever thanks to next year’s release of Jurassic World. What piqued a lot of people’s interests in the original film series is how dangerous the dinosaurs were depicted. Viewers of these films often wonder if they could survive in a dinosaur park. Well, if any of these dinos were there, we wouldn’t stand a ...

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Lee Lyangbin Is A Kung Fu Master

49-year-old Lee Lyangbin from the village Lichzhuan Dingtao County, Shandong Province, is a kung fu master. He’s put in a lifetime of hard work so that he could do sweet moves like this.

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