How Much Do You Like Addidas?

Small Lithuanian town Sujainiai currently has one of the most famous houses in whole Lithuania. Owner explained that he was renovating the building and decided to paint it like this, because he grew up wearing Adidas tracksuits and wanted to show his lifelong appreciation for this brand and give something back.

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IHOP sinkhole swallows 15 cars

A large sinkhole opened in a new IHOP restaurant parking lot in Meridian, Mississippi, over the weekend, swallowing 15 cars. The asphalt gave way leaving a huge hole estimated to be about 35-feet wide, 375-feet long and 30-feet deep, authorities said. There were no reported injuries. Let the jokes and puns begin…

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18 Real Life Locations That Disney Used As Inspiration

Disney features some of the most beautiful locations in their movies and the good news is that you can visit them in real life. Many locations from the Disney classics were inspired by real world locations and when you see them you’ll be able to notice the similarities right away. Sleeping Beauty – Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany Beauty and the …

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There are a surprising number of health benefits of eating bananas

Bananas contain tryptophan which turns into serotonin after consumption. This boost in serotonin is an effective and natural way to reduce the effects of depression. Bananas are great sources of fuel for our bodies and eating two before a workout can be the perfect amount to help you power through the workout. The potassium in bananas greatly reduces your likelihood …

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