Friday , 20 October 2017


Sexy Vintage Album Covers

Some of these even date back to the late 1940’s and while they might seem tame by comparison to today’s standards, don’t shortchange these sexy album covers. They got the job done. But yeah, still gross. Yeah, we don’t really want to think about it, but we need to face facts; music has always been sexy, the industry used sex …

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Man helps find missing child from 5,000 miles away

A British supermarket worker cracked a US child abduction case when he helped find a missing four-year-old-girl from his bedroom 5,000 miles away. Gary and Kim Forester were granted guardianship of their grandchild, Yvette Henley, after court proceedings found that Yvette was in danger and was suffering from “emotional damage” as a result of her parents during a hearing in …

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Ex-gang Members React to Seeing Themselves Without Tattoos

These ex-gang members left their lives of violence and crime behind them, but parts of their past are unshakeable. Most prominently, the gang and prison tattoos covering much of their bodies, including their faces. Photographer Steven Burton took photos of the fully-inked men as they are. He then used photoshop to depict how they would look if they never fell …

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Couple Purchases A Street In San Francisco

After the board failed to pay the $14 a year property tax, Tina Lam and Michael Cheng bought this street with 38 mansions on it in San Francisco for only $90,000. They may start charging residents rent for their parking spaces, and residents are shocked by the news.

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Bill Gates’s Rules You Will Never Learn in School

He might only be the SECOND richest man on the planet now (numero uno belongs to this man), but Bill Gates has some sage advice for any business entrepreneur looking to make their own mark in the world. His first lesson, don’t assume that you will learn everything from your school education. Many powerful lessons take place far outside any …

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