Thursday , 29 September 2016



Man Finds Way To Send Letter Without Knowing The Address

An Iceland tourist wanted to send a letter to someone, but unfortunately he didn’t know their address. Instead he drew a map and provided some important details on the envelope, and it worked because his letter was delivered. The guy actually drew a map on the envelope which leads to a farm in Hvammsveit, West Iceland. The map reads: ‘Country: …

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Mysterious Capsule Found In The Backyard

After moving into this house the residents decided to do some digging in the backyard so that they could plant flowers. They discovered a mysterious capsule filled with a picture and melted jelly. They contacted the landlord who blamed it on a woman who used to rent the house and practiced witchcraft.

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Terrifying accounts of sleep paralysis

It’s described as the phenomenon in which an individual is caught in the ever so scary rift between sleep and wake. You feel paralyzed, your breathing is fast and short, your heart is racing, and you tend to feel an intense presence often described as “evil.” It’s scary as shit- but a lot of people have or will deal with …

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Flight attendants explain airport travel tips for your next flight

Take a little time to say hello to people around you. You never know who you could meet. “Many of us road warriors don’t talk to seat-mates. We haul out our laptop, book, work, or noise reduction headphones. I say, keep your antenna up for a warm smile. I’ve met astronauts, inventors, and fascinating individuals as a result of reaching …

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Cat Helps Lost Hikers Find Their Way In The Swiss Mountains

Redditor sc4s2cg shared some photos of an interesting cat they met while in Switzerland. He got lost while hiking and the cat was nice enough to help him find his way back to the hostel. Other Redditors noted that they’ve run into the same cat before and that she helped them find their way home too. “She was walking and …

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Strange story of Samurai inspired motorcycle

“Ronin” is an old story of a Samurai who lost his master. This is how the small company named “Ronin Motor Works” lost its master. Until 2009, there was a popular motorcycle brand named “Buell”. Unfortunately it wasn’t selling well enough to avoid its eventual sale to Harley-Davidson. Just before the brand closed its doors, in 2008 (one year earlier) …

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Gene Wilder’s letter to ‘Willy Wonka’ director

Actor, comedian, and Writer Gene Wilder passed away yeaterday at the age of 83. Numerous people took a step back to appreciate all that he gave the world through his wonderful performances. The outspoken Wilder might’ve been best known for his role as Willy Wonka in Mel Stuart’s film, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. Before filming started, Gene went …

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