Monday , 30 November 2015



Ricky Gervais Used Twitter To Save Hundreds Of Dogs

A shelter in Odai, Romania recently received 650 dogs but they needed $30,000 to give the dogs everything they need. The shelter was having a hard time raising money until comedian Ricky Gervais stepped in. He retweeted the fundraising campaign’s original message and now the shelter is close to reaching their goal.

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What Life Is Like Living Inside Of A Bubble

These houses in the Dutch city of Hertogenbosch look like something out of a science fiction movie. Back in 1968 the Dutch government allocated funding for this experimental housing project and although the houses may be ugly, they’re still quite popular today.

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Disney’s Abandoned Water Park in Florida

Disney’s River Country opened in 1976 on the edge of Bay Lake, Florida and it has been closed for 25 years. The park had water slides, rope bridges, swimming pools and all sorts of summer time activities. The park has remained closed and it was never town down. Here are some photos looking at all of the remains of Disney’s River …

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Wehrmacht War Machine Found In River After 70 Years

This Wehrmacht war machine was recently found in the the river Pilica in Poland. It’s 70 years old and it’s been sitting in clay for most of its life. Despite the fact that it’s been buried in a river, the war machine looks to be in pretty good shape.

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