Tuesday , 25 October 2016



The World’s Tallest Teenager Just Can’t Stop Growing

Broc Brown, a 19-year-old from Michigan, United States, and currently measures 7ft 8ins. Broc was the official Guinness World Record holder for tallest teenager in the world before he turned 19, becoming too old to qualify for the record. Broc has a genetic disorder called cerebral gigantism, and he’s on course to become the world’s tallest man, as he’s growing …

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A Collection Of Unusual And Bizarre Retro Vehicles

If you have seen the movie ‘Wild Wild West’, then you might be familiar with that strange steam-powered tarantula which looks absolutely weird. Well, that’s the case with most of the retro vehicles that you’re about to see in this collection. People in the history had some weird idea in making some bizarre retro vehicles like these so that they …

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This Park In Japan Is Home To Hundreds Of Statues

A Japanese photographer recently found a forbidden forest while wandering in Toyama Prefecture. The photographer Ken Ohki, better known as Yukison, found a park with hundreds of humanoid looking sculptures. Many sculptures were created by the park’s owner Matsuo Furukawa and the idea was to use the sculptures to attract visitors. That obviously didn’t work out and now there are …

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Google Has The Most Badass Offices!

Check out these pics of Google offices from around the world if you don’t believe me.  These hanging pods in the Chicago office look super comfortable — and can act as a meeting space. The Venice Beach office — which was designed by architect Frank Gehry — has amenities like a custom pool table and vintage arcade games. …or head …

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Most Brilliant Shower Thoughts That You Won’t Ignore

These most brilliant shower thoughts are the proof that greatest thoughts happen inside a human mind during his/her shower. This is because during the shower our mind is completely relaxed and in that situation when we let our mind wander through things, it could sometimes come up with greatest thoughts. Have you ever came across the same, where you thought …

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The Most Beautiful Looking Plastic Banknotes In The World

Plastic or polymer banknotes were developed by the Reserve Bank of Australia in 1988 and they were designed to last longer than paper notes. Over the years many countries have adopted the plastic banknote, and some countries have made them look quite beautiful. Here are some of the best ones. Trinidad & Tobago New Zealand Cape Verde Brunei Easter Island …

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Underage Guy Dresses Up As His Mom So He Can Buy Alcohol

This guy doesn’t need a fake ID, because he has his mom’s ID and he’s putting it to good use. The South Ayrshire resident, whose identity is unknown recently became a sensation on social media after he put on a dress, a woman’s coat, sunglasses and a hat then posed as his mother while buying booze. The trick worked as …

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The World Is A Better Place With These Awesome People Around

We all have seen enough crimes, murders, wars and other ugly things happening around the world to value it as the worst place to live. But as we’re busy going through the dark side of the world, we forget to catch up what’s going on the bright side of it. All you need to do is look around and you’ll …

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8 Shocking Murderers Who Documented Their Own Crimes

If you want to get away with murder, you probably shouldn’t take selfies at the scene of the crime. Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel plowed his truck through a Bastille Day celebration in the southern French city of Nice in July 2016. Before doing so, he took a series of selfies with the deadly vehicle. 84 people were killed (10 were children) in …

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