Saturday , 24 February 2018


Couple Gets Big Upgrade Six Months After Winning The Lottery

In January of this year, John and Lisa Robinson from Tennessee won the Powerball lottery with a jackpot of $528 million. After taxed the couple received a payment of $328 million and they’ve put it to good use. A journalist from the area decided to check on the couple and they noticed that they used the money to move in …

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Very Interesting Photos

Polish Special Forces preparing for NATO Summit in Poland This is what a true hero looks like…Najih Al-Baldawi hugged a suicide bomber attempting to blow up a Shrine in Iraq’s Balad area. His action cost him his own life as the suicide bomber detonated, but it saved the lives of dozens of others. He’ll live on in the hearts of …

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Music Fans Party In The Mud At T In The Park

Thousands of people visited the Strathallan Castle estate in Perthshire for three days of T in the Park this year. The top acts were Calvin Harris, James Bay and others and it rained for a good amount of the time that the festival was taking place. Music fans didn’t let the rain ruin their good time though. They just carried …

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Tattoo Artist Gets First Ever Tattoo Gun Prosthetic

JC Sheitan Tenet unfortunately lost his arm 22 years ago, but that hasn’t stop him from tattooing people. A French artist named JL Gonzal modified an existing prosthetic arm by adding a tattoo gun to it allowing JC to continue doing what he loves. Source

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Crazy Eating Records That Will Be Hard To Repeat (17 pics)

Eric Booker Glazed Donuts Amount: 49 Time: 8 minutes Approx Calories: 12,800 Tim Janus Nigiri Sushi Amount: 141 Time: 6 minutes Approx Calories: 7,000 Joey Chestnut Bratwurst Amount: 70 Time: 10 minutes Approx Calories: 18,200 Matt Stonie Peeps Amount: 200 Time: 5 minutes Approx Calories: 6,400 Joey Chestnut Pierogi Amount: 165 Time: 8 minutes Approx Calories: 11,500 Marcos Owens Cannolis …

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It’s International Chocolate Day… treating yo’self is an absolute must

This is one of those holidays where the calories don’t count, right? Chocolate coconut sundaes with macadamia nut caramel Chocolate porter beer tart Dark chocolate caramel Oreo pie Quadruple chocolate soft fudgy pudding cookies 3-ingredient dark chocolate Ritz bars Chocolate peanut butter cup cake roll Dark chocolate waffles Raspberry-filled molten chocolate cupcakes Marshmallow-filled molten chocolate cakes with peanut butter fudge …

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