Tuesday , 25 September 2018


Pablo Escobar’s Mansion Is Now Available For Visiting, And You Can Even Play Paintball In The Patron’s Premises

In the history of criminal activities one name stands out, Pablo Escobar, the man infamous for large-scale drug trafficking. The Colombian drug dealer earned many titles during his reign “The King Of Cocaine”, “The Tsar of Cocaine”, “The Godfather”, and “The Magician”. In his heyday, he had a net worth of $30 billion dollars ($56 billion today), along with various …

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Dior Steals The Idea Of Romanian Traditional Clothing, Romanians Take Back What Was Always Theirs

Bihor is a small Romanian region filled with unique and beautiful cultural traditions The people there are very proud of their traditional clothing designs That distinguishes them from other cultures However last year, when Dior’s pre-fall collection came out, people began to notice that some of their clothes looked oddly familiar They bear a stunning similarity to the traditional Bihor …

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Genius Student Invents “Mobile Airbag” That Deploys When You Drop Your Phone

This gadget hasn’t hit the shelves yet but it’s already getting great reviews. Philip Frenzel, a student at Aalen University in Germany, designed ADCASE, a genius phone case that deploys an airbag as soon as you drop your device. The invention has already won Frenzel the top award from the German Society for Mechatronics, which considered projects from students all …

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