Wednesday , 26 September 2018


Real-life Buried Discoveries Found At construction Sites

If you ever have the chance to buy an older property, or inherit some, always check everything. You never know what you’re gonna find behind the walls, under the floor, or buried in the yard. It might change your life. One note of advice though; make sure you sign some legal documents stating that you own everything in the house …

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Let’s Take A Look Into The World of Ancient Rome

The civilization of Ancient Rome began as far back as 8th century B.C. in the Italian Peninsula. The life expectancy of your average Roman citizen was anywhere from 20-30 years of age. While the Roman Empire was incredibly powerful, at its peak it only comprised of 12% of the world’s population. This means that the Roman Empire was only the …

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Kids Of Today’s Generation Will Never Understand

Life before the internet Before most people had the internet readily available to them, life was vastly different. If you wanted to look something up, it didn’t mean Google, it meant going to the library and finding a book and then sifting through it to find your answer. Times change. Here are somethings that kids born after the year 2000 …

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