Friday , 24 November 2017


Jupiter Like You’ve Never Seen It

Launched in August 2011 as part of the “New Frontiers program”, Juno entered orbit around Jupiter on July 5th last year. Since then, it has been capturing spectacular images and boldly going where no man (or probe) has gone before. These most recent images are, scientifically speaking, fucking breathtaking. Scientist estimate that Jupiter’s colossal storm has been raging for centuries. …

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Facts About Flying

When you think about how many people are jetting all over the country for business, pleasure or whatever, it’s pretty mind boggling. And while we’re always thinking about what that means for us from a travel/customs/packing perspective, imagine the infrastructure that it takes to get people from one end of the country to the other, and across the world. These …

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Chances of Dying Unnaturally

All your life there have been people telling you to get off your rump and go live it to the fullest. Well, that’s easy for them to say. There is a lot of scary shit out there. I mean, at least you’ll live a long, albeit somewhat boring and sad life, in your mother’s basement—locked away from unnatural dangers. Next …

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China Is Building A Forest City To Battle Pollution

It’s no big secret that China has a smog problem, and officials are trying to fix it. Italian design firm Stefano Boeri Architetti recently announced that they will be building a new complex in Liuzhou which will be covered in shrubs. The plan is to have the buildings open in 2018.

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