Monday , 22 October 2018


Photos Of New York In The 1980s

In the 70s and 80s ordinary people could actually afford to live in Manhattan. What people forget is that the reason the city was affordable is that it had a high crime rate. There were many neighborhoods that were so drug and crime infested that people were scared to go there.

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What Famous Landmarks Looked Like Under Construction

Gateway Arch Statue of Liberty The Louvre Manhattan Bridge Panama Canal United States Capitol Building Hoover Dam Rio–Antirrio bridge Washington Monument Eiffel Tower Tower Bridge Mount Rushmore National Memorial Shanghai Tower Parliament Hill Burj Khalifa Lincoln Memorial Golden Gate Bridge Sydney Opera House

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Top Five Honeymoon Destinations

You spend some much time figuring out whether your partner is truly the one, and then you start planning the wedding. You most likely want your wedding to be special, thus you have headaches from arranging everything, and figuring out whom to invite. As soon as you settle everything with the wedding, another headache arrives – where to spend your …

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Unusual And Beautiful Restaurants

Labassin Waterfall, the Philippines The Grotto, Thailand Treepod Dining, Thailand Ice Restaurant, Finland Nyotaimori restaurants, Japan Ithaa, the Maldives Grotta Palazzese, Italy Dinner in the Sky, 45 countries The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant, Australia Trinity Place Restaurant, USA Le Panoramic, France The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar, Tanzania Karvansaray, Azerbaijan

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The Most Extreme Places On Earth

Severe temperatures, terrifying depths, molten magma, isolation, brutality, absolute silence. One wrong step and you could lose your foot to acid or your life to venom. The most extreme places on Earth are named so for any number of reasons that push the needle beyond what’s normal and comfortable. Maybe you’ve visited some of these places, perhaps you want to, …

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