Wednesday , 17 October 2018


Awesome Heritage Sites That Tourists Don’t Even Know About

I love travelling and I’m a complete nerd for history, architecture and archeology. What I am not, however, is a patient man when it comes to crowds, tourists and all the shit that comes with a popular destination. For me, visiting a historical site, temple, landmark, etc… is a spiritual experience where I try soak up the story of the …

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Nature’s Beauty Is Unending…

Yellow Mountain, Huangshan, China Zion National Park Havasu Falls, Arizona Avatar Mountains – Zhangjiajie, China – Also known as inspiration for Pandora P.S Seceda, Italy Devils Tower National Monument, WY Suðurland, Iceland Telluride, Coloardo   Lake Sorvagsvatn, Faroe Islands Mt McKinley Isle of Skye, Scotland Squamish B.C. Canada Mt. St Helens   Sedona, Arizona Southern Utah Schwangau, Germany Napali Coast, …

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The Ruins of Villa Epecuen, Argentina’s Ghost Town

The village of Villa-Epequin in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires began to sink in 1985 due to a break in a local dam. People were forced to leave their homes as the water depth rose to about 10 meters. Now that the water level has declined only skeletons of buildings remain.

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You Can Now Own A Castle In Italy For Free

Italy is giving away 103 run down properties and this is your chance to own one. The villas, inns and castles are being given away for free, but the catch is that the new owners have to commit to restoring them. People who would like to own one of the properties are encouraged to submit an application.

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The Beautiful Metro in Stockholm

The Metro in Stockholm is known as the Tunnebana, opened in 1950, and is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. The underground station was cut into the rocks. It’s comprised of 100 stations, of which 53 are above ground while 47 are underground.

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Massive European Sand Dune

Located in the French Bay of Arcachon and named the Great Dune of Pyla, this huge sand dune stretches three kilometers and reaches a height of 130 meters.

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