Wednesday , 21 February 2018


Before And After Photos Of People Who Defeated Anorexia

Margherita Barbieri, A Stunning Young Dancer, Has Made A Miraculous Recovery After Being Called “thunder Thighs” At Ballet School Year Difference – This Is To Hopefully Show You That No Matter How Lost You Are In Your Own Head, It Is Possible To Escape! It Is Possible To Find Happiness Again Hannah During The Grip Of Her Anorexia When Her …

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Toddler Can’t Stop Laughing As 5 Firefighters Try To Free Him

Toddler Brandon Emery, 14 months, could probably host one of those how-to-keep-stress-free seminars. Recently he accidentally locked himself in his mom’s car but kept his cool and had a blast with the firefighters who came to save him! Everything started when Brandon’s mother, Kirsty Green, had placed her car keys in the boot while she was loading the vehicle with …

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Guys Who Changed Their Weight And Their Lives

These men refused to be overweight forever. Mark Ludlow: minus 132 lbs Noah Kingery: minus 190 lbs Luiz Trigo: minus 230 lbs Ross Gardner: minus 196 lbs Eli Sapharti: minus 119 lbs Jeremy Reid: minus 90 lbs Rick Snowdon: minus 180 lbs Nathan Priestley: minus 169 lbs Pasquale Brocco : minus 299 lbs

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Brazilian Gangsters Pull Off The Robbery Of The Century In Paraguay

Brazilian bandits pulled off a $40 million dollar heist in Paraguay that’s being called the “robbery of the century.” Around 50 gumen with explosives turned the city of Ciudad del Este into a war zone and they left one policeman dead. Paraguay and Brazil have joined forces to hunt down the robbers and so far three suspects have been killed …

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Chinese Man Digs Canal To Provide Water To His Village

A resident of the mountainous province of Guizhou in the southwest of China dug a massive channel that’s 9400 meters long down the slop of a mountain so his village could have water. He started the project in his 50s and over 300 assistants helped over the course of several years.

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