Tuesday , 25 September 2018


Unexplainable Ghost Photos

“This creepy face in between my great grandparent’s heads” – Gdorf2 “My co-workers daughter caught this on the Queen Mary. They were taken on the same day, several moments apart, on a regular camera, just at different angles. NO ONE was over on the other side. This made me a believer.” – Charcharbec “Apparently a little girl died in front …

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Photos of Parents Before/After Having Kids

Mike Julianelle of Dad and Buried recently started the hilarious yet bittersweet trend ‘Got Toddlered,‘ where parents highlight life before and after having kids. While parenting surely has its rewarding moments, these photos are are candid reminder life after creating a mini-me is much, much different.

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Shocking Statistics On Human Consumption

3/4 of the human population in 2002 owned a tv set. The estimated growth of the human population by 2050. The amount of people in India and China who are part of “the consumer class”. The amount of the European population that belongs to the consumer class. The amount of people in the world who live off of less than …

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When tattooing your eyeball goes very, very wrong

There are a handful of moments in life where one looks back and blows the dust off of a catalog labelled “What was I thinking?” For the average person, lists of deranged exes, drunken nights of debauchery, and perhaps the occasional style faux-pas litters their catalog. For Cat Gallinger, eyeball tattoo might be bolded and double underlined. Eyes are beautiful. …

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Man Got Same Tattoo As Dog And Has Immediate ‘Ragrats’

A Texas man has been left with a few ragrats recently after getting what was supposed to be a meaningful tribute to his dog tattooed on his forearm. The owner, who is only known as Chris, thought a tattoo on his dog’s pelvic area was from an abusive former owner and decided as an act of solidarity he’d share the …

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The Creepiest Family Stories

If you dig deep enough, every family has some sort of story that speaks of a mystery they haven’t been able to explain. Whether there is a logical explanation for these things or not, the thing that makes them so creepy is that the mystery remains- well…a mystery. “When I was 13 or so, my mother and I were driving …

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