Friday , 23 February 2018


The deadliest snakes here on planet Earth

Eyelash Viper Eyelash vipers are the kind of snakes that will actually camp out in a specific spot and wait for prey to wander by before they strike. The interesting thing about these particular snakes is that they will return to the same ambush spot yearly, just in time to catch birds migrating in the spring. There is even a …

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These Crashed Luxury and Sports Cars will Upset all Men

This is seriously not good and can’t be accepted. How can someone be so cruel with such beautiful curvy luxury and sporty cars? Either the drivers of these cars do not know how to handle these beauties or they literally have no respect for the men’s favorite toys. I bet you would also be feeling upset like every other guy …

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Woman Gets Burned By Exploding Headphones

A woman flying from Beijing to Melbourne was recently injured when her headphones exploded on the flight. She says she dozed off while wearing wireless headphones and she woke up then they exploded. The headphone battery melted and she received minor burns on her face, hands and neck.

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