Monday , 19 February 2018


Stupid Bad Photoshops That Someone Probably Got Fired Over

Bad photoshops aren’t that uncommon or surprising, but when it’s in an advertisement and it’s your job? Maybe get a new career. The cool thing about bad photoshops is that even though anyone with two eyes can see that they are horribly wrong and stupid, it still took a professional designer an hour or two or work to do it. …

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Hilarious Police Sketches

This guy came from the ’70s! This police sketch looks like a caricature. Why does this guy look like he’s just seen his dream gift? This is the most accurate illustration ever! Oh, wow. Looks pretty much the same. Good job, guys! A perfect caricature. Oh, stop it. A man with this hair can’t be a criminal. Hmm…do you think …

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Sunday Idiots

Here we have an epic compilation of stupid people doing the stupidest things. Make sure you do some heavy brain work after. It does get contagious!

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