Wednesday , 19 September 2018


Just 28 Of The Dumbest Things You’ll See In The Next 3-5 Minutes

Sometimes the dumbest things are also the funniest. Sure, sometimes the dumbest things can be harmful, infuriating, and even just plain baffling; but we aren’t going to focus on those because that’d make a real bad list no one would click on. Instead, let’s make some lemonade out of these lemons. These pictures are no doubt very dumb and some …

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Fashion Crimes That Should Get Somebody Locked Up

I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing any of these fashion crimes. But if you did catch me wearing them, please kill me. Not to be dramatic, but these are the type of fashion crimes that make you want to grab the perpetrator by the shoulders and scream “What did fashion ever do to you?!” at them. And then throw them …

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Now That Everything’s Gone Wrong Let’s Just Laugh About It

When stuff’s gone wrong you can either lay down and cry or laugh about it. I prefer to do both. But laughing is the more important one. Because things have always gone wrong and always will, and if you get hung up on stuff you’ll never have the opportunity to make exciting new mistakes! And then what would laugh at?

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Stupid Bad Photoshops That Someone Probably Got Fired Over

Bad photoshops aren’t that uncommon or surprising, but when it’s in an advertisement and it’s your job? Maybe get a new career. The cool thing about bad photoshops is that even though anyone with two eyes can see that they are horribly wrong and stupid, it still took a professional designer an hour or two or work to do it. …

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Hilarious Police Sketches

This guy came from the ’70s! This police sketch looks like a caricature. Why does this guy look like he’s just seen his dream gift? This is the most accurate illustration ever! Oh, wow. Looks pretty much the same. Good job, guys! A perfect caricature. Oh, stop it. A man with this hair can’t be a criminal. Hmm…do you think …

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