Friday , 23 February 2018


Arts And Crafts Abominations That Even A Thrift Store Wouldn’t Want

The thrift store is normally the place that failed arts and crafts projects end up, but what about the ones that aren’t even good enough for that fate? Look now, but be ready to close your eyes. This isn’t your grandma’s bad arts and crafts, it’s a whole ‘nother level. We don’t know what happened to these evil objects after …

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These Then-Normal Things From The Past Are So Crazy For Us Now

Beauty contest in Cliftonville, 1936 Suntan vending machine, USA, 1949 Water massager for breasts, 1930 A popular method of hair straightening in the 1960s Customers have their legs painted at a store in London, so they can save their coupons which would otherwise be used for stockings, 1941 Resume, USA, 1931 Toothache remedy with cocaine, 1885 Julie Desmond, a 24-year-old …

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Astonishing Facts That Are Stranger Than Fiction

If you were able to fold a regular piece of notebook paper in half 45 times, it would be thick enough to reach the moon. It takes 12 days for a million seconds to pass you by. But a billion seconds takes nearly 32 years. Let that sink in. Technically speaking, a female dude is a “dudine.” To travel from …

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Creepy US Roadside Attractions

There’s nothing more creepy than an abandoned structure that was once meant for fun, and is now just depressing. If you cruise down America’s highways, you’re guaranteed to stumble across some of these monuments to a lost time. We’ve already covered some of these abandoned parks and roadside attractions HERE, but there’s so many more icons to lost dreams. You …

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Gulf Of Mexico’s Deep Sea Creatures Are Something Otherworldly

This past December, a NOAA team, aboard the Okeanos Explorer, conducted the first of three month-long studies of the deepest parts of the Gulf of Mexico, with the dual aim of exploring the diversity of deep-water habitats and mapping the seafloor. Using a mix of remote-operated submersibles (ROVs), and shore-based instruments, the team brought back stunning images of previously unexplored …

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