Friday , 23 February 2018


Stolen Wheels

About a month ago some bastards stole the headlights from my car. Fortunately, they left me the wheels. The owners of these cars were not so lucky.

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The Palace of a Dictator

This is the palace of Zine El Abidine, who was a Tunisian Dictator and left the country in 2011. These are the images taken by journalists, when they were invited to visit the palace.

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Fire in Johannesburg

75 luxury houses were burned down during a recent fire in Johannesburg, South Africa. Each building costs over 2 million US dollars. It seems like someone has put one house on fire and the fire has spread across the rest of them.

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Shark Aquarium Accident

This shark aquarium was built two years ago inside one Chinese mall. Its glass wall broke two days ago, injuring 56 people and killing 7 sharks.

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Horse Rescue

30-year-old horse Andy accidentally fell down into a pool in Florida. The old animal could’t get out without some one’s help.

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