Friday , 22 September 2017


Taylor Morris comes home

On August 30th, only 4 months removed from a mine explosion that took all four of his limbs, Taylor Morris returned home to a hero’s welcome in Iowa.

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Grande Hotel in Mozambique

Grande Hotel was built in 1955 in Mozambique, when it still was a Portuguese colony. It used to be one the Africa’s most luxury hotels. During the independence movement in 1963 the Grande Hotel became a home for the local soldiers. The army left the hotel in 1975, and it has been occupied by homeless people. Now more than 2,000 …

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Tractor vs Seven Police Cars

A 34-year-old American vigilante Roger Pion, after being arrested by police last month, displayed his disapproval at the decision by completely destroying seven vehicles after driving his 15-ton tractor into a police car park and flattening three quarters of the force’s fleet.

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