Saturday , 23 September 2017


Vernon C. Bain Center (VCBC)

The Vernon C. Bain Center (VCBC) is an 800-bed jail barge used to hold inmates for New York City as part of the New York City Department of Corrections as part of the vast Rikers Island jail complex. It was built in New Orleans for $161 million and brought to New York in 1992 to reduce overcrowding in the island’s …

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Epic Crash

At Trader Joe’s parking lot in Claremont, California, Rod Kamitsuka backed his 1994 Honda Accord out of the parking and then somehow, the sedan moved forward hitting a handicapped parking sign, which acted as a ramp launching the car into the air and on to the roof of a 1998 Lexus SC 300. To get the car back to the …

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What a Touching Story

Jamie Amos and Jonathan Tajoya from Portland, Oregon, married several days before Jamie was to undergo brain surgery to remove a tumor.

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Volcanoes in the Back Yard

It’s a so called sand volcano that usually occurs after an earthquake. It is formed when sand is thrown up to the surface from a central position. As the sand is ejected it builds up in to a cone, taking on the appearance of a volcano as the sand comes to rest on its sides.

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