Saturday , 20 January 2018


Weird Fashion Pics

Because fashion is subjective, right? At least that’s what your 8th-grade guidance counselor swore to you many years ago.

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The Creepiest Family Stories

If you dig deep enough, every family has some sort of story that speaks of a mystery they haven’t been able to explain. Whether there is a logical explanation for these things or not, the thing that makes them so creepy is that the mystery remains- well…a mystery. “When I was 13 or so, my mother and I were driving …

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Car Repair Gone Wrong

The owner of this car made a terrible mistake when they poured five liters of disk cleaner into the wrong hole. The liquid ended up where the oil is supposed to go, and it caused some serious issues for the engine.

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WTF Home-Made Weapons

Our troops have to deal with some weird sh*t. These are just a few of the home-made funny yet potentially deadly weapons they’re encountering on today’s WTF battlefields.

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The Strangest Ice Cream Flavours

Let’s face it, if you love ice cream and eat it often, then at some point the regular ice cream flavours become pretty boring. It’s a good thing then that there are ice cream masters out there who are pushing the envelope to come up with some crazy, and creamy, combinations. I’ll admit, some of these are out there and …

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