Odd Things That Can F***in’ Kill You

Jell-o Because of the very peculiar texture that Jell-o has, it is incredibly hard to dislodge from your throat with the Heimlich maneuver. Sports Balls Being a spectator at a sporting event is fun, but it does come with some danger. Every year, thousands of people are struck by sports balls such as hockey pucks, baseballs, and golf balls. There …

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When tattooing your eyeball goes very, very wrong

There are a handful of moments in life where one looks back and blows the dust off of a catalog labelled “What was I thinking?” For the average person, lists of deranged exes, drunken nights of debauchery, and perhaps the occasional style faux-pas litters their catalog. For Cat Gallinger, eyeball tattoo might be bolded and double underlined. Eyes are beautiful. …

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The “Dadbag” Gives You the Dad Bod That You’ve Always Wanted

The dad bod craze has hit our society hard. A couple months ago we not only told you that girls are enamored with the look on guys, but women are trying to adopt the look for themselves. One guy wanted to mimic the look for guys that don’t necessarily have the perfectly sculpted dad bod so he created the DadBag–basically …

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