Thursday , 23 November 2017


The circus has always been a show of strangeness

The circus is a place in which the weird and wacky thrive. However, it isn’t all fun and games. Here are a few things you might not have known about the modern day circus. During the mid-1800’s, hot air balloons were all the rage when it came to the circus. Albeit nothing super special nowadays, during these times anything to …

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Ridiculous European Laws That Still Exist

In Switzerland, it is illegal to flush your toilet after 10pm. Men in Italy can be fined for wearing a skirt in public. Men urinating in Amsterdam’s canals are liable to be arrested. In Madrid, asking somebody the time between 3:29 PM and 6:47 PM is illegal. Originally introduced to prevent train delays, kissing on French platforms is technically against …

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Silly People Who Get Things Totally Wrong

Our world is a mixture of peculiar people and sometimes these strange people cross the limits of insensibility. To do things right, you must first have to understand them fully. But not everyone get things right. There are so many people in the world that never get things in the right way. And they are called silly people. Let’s see …

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