Sunday , 20 April 2014

Double Photobomb?


  1. GOD!
    I had enough of this ugly boring egotistical beotch on Youtube. Now here too?

  2. CTFxC FTW!

  3. WHere are the photobombs?

  4. I agree with U Suk…

    I had enough of this ugly boring egotistical beotch on Youtube. Now here too?

  5. Jon Stewart?

  6. just cuz someone makes a dumb face doesnt make it a photo bomb. someone had to have been purposely placed in frame especially since

  7. CTFxC all the way. :)

  8. CTFxC is for haterz :D
    btw, so glad to stumple across such a beautiful face at such a randomly time!
    God I envy you charles, you lucky bastard :P


  9. Well that was a random thing to find…..CTFXC FTW!

  10. CTFxC! FTW!

  11. lame pointless shit
    whoever uploaded this into the internets should be shot in the leg!

  12. That is one pretty girl.

  13. for all you haters alli is not boring she is awesome CTFxC FTW and one more thing CTFxC IS FOR HATERS

  14. what a lame ass photo

  15. are we fishing for critisim here?… haters!

  16. I think you need to look “double” up in the dictionary.

  17. how come i can’t how “double” it is?

  18. MMMMMM sexy booty!

  19. Sorry but i dont like Alli but charles is hot and full of WIN

  20. hahaha its really pathetic that i knew who this was right away XD CTFxC. charles is rly hot haha

  21. I would bone Alli all night, I’ve masturbated to her videos so many times.

  22. CTFXC FTW!

  23. GET YOUR FUCKING ADS FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. what kind of nerd put this up?
    get a life

  25. OMFG CTFxC FTW! Go Char and Alli!

  26. double fail for uploader

  27. That’s that horse faced cunt from Youtube. Piss off ya whore!

  28. OMG! So amazing and funny!! You made me fun!!! By the way I can recommend you to visit This site is amazing like yours.

  29. ….what the fuck is wrong with you people being such a-holes to Alli?!??! This is ridiculous. I personally thing she’s gorgeous, but even so, does it matter what she looks like? She’s a good person and I care for her very much. It’s just sickening to read these comments. Some of them are just downright idiotic. I’m saddened to see people behaving so grotesquely, but ya know what, CTFxC is for haters. So as awful as you are, we gotta love you to. CTFxC loves everyone and welcomes you all. Best of luck.

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