Sunday , 20 April 2014

Double Photobomb?



  2. What makes this a photobomb, much less a double? Weak.

  3. THE b*tches face makes it a photobomb…. the dudes face makes it a double. Got it now?

  4. This is not a photobomb. This is a picture of two youtubers.

  5. CTFxC FTW! Holy cow how’d they get on this site… o-o;

    But yes, this isn’t really a PHOTOBOMB… it’s a daily vlog bomb, if any bomb at all.

  6. can someone explain me what is that thing behind her head on top of the picture??

  7. @ rosemary..sunglasses you dumb schmuck

  8. Charles and Alli!! I love them. How did they manage to end up on this site? This isn’t even that great of a photobomb at all…..

  9. fbombsare-retarded

    unfunny and retarded

  10. ahhhh
    charles, charles trippy
    with zoey, marliegh, and his fiance alli
    u can watch him on his channel
    before the indecision
    cause the internet killed television
    ( i know its probably wrong)

  11. charles and alli :D

  12. CTFxC FTW this is awesome

  13. what’s there in this pic??????

  14. Omfg what are Charles and Ali doing here. XD Like they need to get more Viral..

  15. CTFxC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. CTFxC!!!!

  17. Thats Alli & Charles! haha!

  18. Who the fuck are charles and alli????

  19. how is this even funny? its 2 people making a face. Oh wow there utubers. like I see enough of they’re crap on the internet! theres no photobomb here. STUPID!

  20. @brttle





  21. CTFxC FTW!
    Charles & Alli <3

  22. this looks photoshopped – the car to the left and right of the girl doesn’t align and her hair is smudged (viewers lower left) not sure why you’d go to the trouble of ‘shopping it though?


    CTFxC FTW!!

  24. This is not a PHOTObomb. Charles and Alli are vloggers on youtube. This is a picture of a video that’s why her face looks funny. Charles….well hes actually making a face lol.

    Charles Trippy Friend Core!!!

  25. CTFxC FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. It isn’t photoshopped lol! The people in the picture are Alli Speed (foreground) and Charles Trippy (background). They make daily vlogs on YouTube and this picture is a still from one of their vlogs from a couple of weeks ago. Alli is talking into the camera, thus her expression, its not like she’s pulling the face for a photo, and Charles is making funny faces in the background cos’ he knew he was in shot! People on the internet are so cynical!

    No photobomb at all so as a post, this sucks but CTFxC FTW!

  27. shet

  28. Whom posted this? Meaning?

  29. It’s Charles
    Charles Trippy
    With Marley, Zooey and his fiancee Alli
    You can watch ‘em on his channel
    Avoid the indecision
    ‘Cause the internet killed television


  30. who ever watches these losers on youtube, have no lives. losers watching losers. it’s fucking sad.

  31. “anon says:
    June 23, 2010 at 3:16 am

    who ever watches these losers on youtube, have no lives. losers watching losers. it’s fucking sad.”

    ur the fukn sad cunt. What makes u think ur any better than any of us?? At least they make money doing vlogs everyday and get paid by Google, that’s their job. U on the otherhand just goes around random websites and post useless comments, ironic MUCH?

    U’d probably even browse Lolcat pictures all day as well.

  32. @shadowz

    These schmucks get paid by Google for lame ass YouTube videos of people just being people? I call bullshit but if I’m wrong I’m wrong and must promptly begin my own pathetically desperate attempt at fame via YouTube considering Google is just throwing money at boring ass people doing boring ass shit!

  33. shopped! you can tell by the pixels.

  34. Ya, THATS ALLI SPEED!! AND CHARLES TRIPPY!! Both are known lesbians.


  36. CTFxC FTW!!!!!!!!
    someone needs to send this to them :D ahahha

  37. That’s Alli Speed and Charles Trippy~! xD

  38. CTFxC FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. I cant get this picture..????

  40. Charles, you rascal. Tell Alli about this! its a fail photobomb but win viral!

  41. It’s not photoshopped. The car doesn’t line up ’cause that’s two different cars. And to everyone hating on the CTFxC. They might be losers, but considering they did something with their lives, you will always be more of a loser than them. So go fuck yourselves

  42. dude alli is so hot. i love her so much.

  43. Charles and alli lol, isnt it a small world :)

  44. youtube vloggers are the reason for internets downlaod. no one gives a shit about your daily lives…. nvm i take taht back looking at all these retards commenting here “HURRR THATS ALLI AND CHARLES DURR I LOVE THEM FTW FTW ”


  45. Paysandu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. CTFxC FTW!!! I was just stumbling, and came across Alli’s face! They are the best.

  47. Cool CTFxC FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Hahahaha OMG!! It’s Alli and Charles :D I remember that episode!!! :D CTFxC FTW !!!

  49. We need a higher resolution to experience this in all it’s glory.

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