Wednesday , 19 September 2018

ER Doctor uses CPR on stray cat to save her life, adopts her

An ER doctor in Istanbul saved the life of a stray kitty in more than just one way…

The white kitty was trying to wander into the hospital when the revolving door pinned him. Luckily a patient noticed and alerted hospital staff.


They were able to release the cat from the door, but the damage was done. She had stopped breathing and began to lose her pulse. That’s when ER doctor Halil Akyürek began CPR, trying desperately to revive her.


Dr. Akyürek began to get a pulse, and quickly moved her to receive oxygen.


She began to regain consciousness, to the relief of everyone involved. For a cats who’s life almost ended, it was about to change in a much different way.


Dr. Halil Akyürek decided to adopt the stray kitty, and named her Miracle.


She quickly recovered from the ordeal and settled into her new home and life.




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