Saturday , 20 October 2018

First mass produced Flying Car goes on sale

The AeroMobile flying car unveiled it’s first version for pre-sale in Monaco over the weekend.

By unfolding the wings, you can go from road to air.

All you need is a pilot’s license and around $1.6 million dollars.

The Slavakian company hopes to pre-sell about 500 units that will not be delivered until 2020.

Technology has existed for years to produce “flying cars” but there are some draw-backs.
First-off, how do air traffic controllers account for hundreds of new flying cars?

Second, this same company was in the news back in 2014 after their 3.0 prototype version was shown in Vienna. That exhibition ended in a crash with the inventor, Stefan Klein, barely walking away.

It’s a pretty cool toy…who know’s, maybe the first mass production “flying car” of the future.

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