Tuesday , 17 October 2017

Funny and Weird Fake Brands

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  • nguyen ly

    most of them come from China, i hate this country

  • Tony Tèo

    I hate China

  • me, too

  • China numberone.

  • Fuma

    Fuma (puma) is from brasil, and it´s not a fake brand, its a joke. In portuguese, the word fuma is equivalent to the verb smoke,thus the smoking puma. This brand jokes are somewhat popular in brasilian t-shirts.
    I really liked the bon jovi coat hahahahahaha
    The Ifan is a joke too but i´ll not explain that one ok ?
    I don´t really undertand your hate. at least not based in this page.

  • These fake brands of this kind are terrible.

  • Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

  • Pinchinchin

    Here in Mexico, people go to Tepito to buy things like that, some od this fake products are now very popular, like Coby (instead of Sony), and you can get headphones, recorders. discman, and so on

  • jesus


  • Gerardito Casasola

    Aqui en Tepis venden cosas piratas igualitas al original, ni el director de Levis podria distinguir entre el pirata y el original que fabrica.

  • Dx5

    Heh. Some of these “brands” (especially the Fuma one) are jokes on real brands. Fuma means “smoke” in Spanish. I’ve seen stuff like an Adidas-shaped “adictos” (addicts) with marijuana leaves instead of the Adidas logo; “CABROON NETWORK” (m*therf*cker network), “estar guars” (Star Wars spelt in the phonetical pronounciation for Spanish) and similars.

    There are some brands that actually sell knockoff products as well, most of them are sold in Tepito (a “tianguis” or something like a bazaar where most knockoff stuff are sold.) Those trying to buy stuff there know they are buying knockoffs. Like the ayPoc (iPod)….

  • javier ortega

    te envio

  • It seems to me that Motorela is only bug, man wanted Motorola

  • cartman

    Fuck the chinese!

  • Avoid fake bands they looks like real……

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  • I just realised i have ‘PLABOY’ briefs…

  • there is so many fake brand,it is funny

  • Edmund


  • warex

    Una vez yo hice una marca fake de LEE, me pidieron que colocara las EE alrevez O_o

  • Voodoo child

    Geez, how can people buy those things…. Johnson Walter.. LMAO!!! That could probably kill you.. also the Corono beer…..

    damn chinese, can’t they be a bit original just make up some brand on their own??? lame is better than fake.

  • Martin

    Sorry. I don’t understand this kind of humor. ;/

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  • Kyle

    I’m actually pretty sure the “Peanutopolis” Snickers bar is legit – for a while, I recall Snickers using a second wordmark on the packaging that had a number of different ridiculous phrases on it.