Gigantic Sinkhole Opens Up In Guatemalan City

This sinkhole posted to the Guatemalan Government’s Flickr appeared last sunday in a street intersection in Zone 2 of Guatemala City. The cause: Massive underground water torrents created by tropical storm Agatha.

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  • uaff

    Ну зато будет куда мусор выкидывать…а что удобно.

  • katrina kaif wallpapers

    it’ all natural. they are two totally different holes, sveral YEARS aside!

  • Cheese

    Yes, a CENOTE, like that of Chichen-Itza

  • Yachika Verma

    Amazing Photographs

  • no way

    damn man….tis looks scary and btw seem as if a hole has very proper proportions, (actually too proportional if you know what I mean) for natural disaster. So was it H.A.A.R.P or some nasty alian experiment ????

  • pawan

    i like it at all
    if this is the sign of end then plssss
    come as soon as possible
    i wnna end aal things ryt now

  • pawan

    what a fucking end
    in a big shithole
    i wanna all my frnds ends up in this big shithole u tooooo bloody reading this msg

  • death

    i poke it

  • Mattjones

    Silver Surfer!