Saturday , 24 March 2018

Historical figures that had a little ink on them

Winston Churchill.

Winston sported the classic anchor on his forearm.


Czar Nicholas II.

Nicholas went on a trip to Japan in 1891. Not only did he survive an assassination attempt, he got a dragon tattoo’d on his right arm.



Thomas Edison.

Thomas came up with the electric pen, which eventually turned into a tattoo gun. So it’s only right that he had a tattoo. He had a quincunx, a geometric pattern consisting of 5 dots, on his forearm.



John Wilkes Booth.

This fella had a tattoo of his own initials in his right hand: J.W.B.



King Harold II.

King Harold II, who was slain at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, was clearly a sucker for love, as he had his wife’s name, Edith, tattoo’d across his chest.



Barry Goldwater.

The political figure who’s public image and reputation earned him the nickname “Mr. Conservative” was in fact a tattoo man himself. The underside of his left hand is marked with a half circle and several dots. The symbol is that of the “Smoki People”, an organization that aims to help preserve Native American culture.



George Orwell.

The famous author had his knuckles tattoo’d with blue dots. He got them done during his days as an officer in Burma, where the dots were said to protect the wearer.



James Polk.

Perhaps this is where the infamous trend of getting Chinese characters tattoo’d on you started. The 11th president of the U.S.A. had the character for “Eager” tattoo’d on him.



Theodore Roosevelt.

Teddy had one of the most bad ass tattoos on the list. He had the Roosevelt family crest on his chest.



Andrew Jackson.

Andrew had a large tomahawk tattoo’d on his inner thigh. The 7th president of the U.S.A.




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