Homeless man continually turns down free money in the hopes of landing a job


British Colombia’s most honest homeless man found $2,400 on the street the other day.


Instead of keeping it or immediately spending it all like most people who aren’t even homeless would do, he turned the money into the police.


The owner of the $2,400 was eventually found, but the story doesn’t end there. Inspired by his honestly and overall moral character, journalist Mike Kelly started a GoFundMe campaign in an effort to raise $2,400 as a reward. In just a few days, the campaign raised $5,000.

“When I first heard about this man and what he had done, I started thinking of how we could help him” Kelly said.

Officials finally managed to get a hold of Homeless Good Sam on Monday, but to everyone’s surprise, he turned down the money again.


Refusing to be identified, he said his story would be better served by using all of the media attention to acknowledge the community’s generosity in paying it forward. Instead of accepting the money, the man asked how it could be donated to Our Place, a provider of food for those in need.

All this the good samaritan asked for in return, was a job.

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