Wednesday , 26 September 2018

Katy Perry Wears A See Thru Dress To The Grammys


A damn fine collection of cute girls – Bro My God

And I Thought I Was Lazy… (24 Pics) – Linkiest

Super duper cute pale girl – Double Viking

Kendall Jenner is sorta topless – Celeb Slam

This $1 million Mercedes is like an armored private jet for the road – Business Insider

If website slogans were honest (20 Photos) – World Wide Interweb

Awesome Kitchen Gadgets to Make Food a Little More Fun – Classy Bro

5 of the Best Portable Chargers For Your Phone – The Gentleman’s Garage

Spiderman Joins Marvel Studios, Exponentially More Superhero Spinoffs Now – The Blemish

Wow!! That’s just down right impressive (38 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

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  1. I’d let her fart in my mouth.

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