Man finds odd message in a bottle

A fella by the name of Norman MacDonald who hails from West Mabou was simply collecting trash from the shores of West Mabou Beach last Wednesday when he came across a rather odd little item. It was a 375 millilitre bottle of Sauza Gold Tequila. It wasn’t empty- but it wasn’t filled with Tequils O’Neals. It contained $25.00 Canadian, a note, and the ashes of Gary Dupuis.


Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

The note is presumably from one of Gary’s children, and states that he had always dreamed of travelling the world.

“His favourite drink was tequila — straight up, If you find him, please take this money, buy yourself and Gary a drink and release him back in the ocean. My wish is that he gets his dream of seeing the world and finally finds some peace.”

“It’s a nice gesture.”

The note asks the finder to write down the location of which the bottle was found and where it was released back into the ocean. MacDonald plans on taking the bottle to a local dance on the weekend before contributing another $20.00 to the fund and passing it off to a fisherman who will drop the bottle offshore.


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