Nothing Is Safe — You Can Pick Just About Any Lock With This Common Item

It’s embarrassing at this point. Thankfully, though, there’s always been a spare key close by. Then again, if I’m ever in a pinch without one, I could probably fall back on a simple paper clip.

Don’t believe me? Just take a look at all the locks you can pick with this common office supply! You’ll be a regular MacGyver in no time!

For this kind of lock, straighten your paper clip out and bend it into a U. Loop it through to the inside and then back around to the outside. Finally, pull.


For a push button lock, straighten the paper clip out and stick it into the hole where the key would go. Jiggle it a little and you should quickly find and release the latch.


Latch doors are simple to open with a clip. Straighten it out, put it through the crack and move it upwards.


You can even break into your luggage lock if you lose the key. You may need pliers to twist your paper clip into a little loop, but once you do, just insert it into the lock and twist it like a key.


If you’ve got a deadbolt, you can pick it with two paper clips…here’s how!

Well, there you have it…you can break into just about anything with a paper clip. No lock-picking kit needed! While I may carry one of these handy items with me from now on, this knowledge also makes me feel just a little unsafe…


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