The Best Of Jennifer Aniston’s Nipples On ‘Friends’

5 Things You Learn Staying Awake During a Near-Death Injury - Linkiest Victoria Justice In Some Kind of Fake See-Through Outfit – G-Celeb Waitress Gets 130% Tip, Heartwrenching Note – Newser Funny things happen at bus stops (gallery) – World Wide Interweb Anonymous Spiderman Feeds Homeless At Night, Shows Everyone Can Be A Hero – Bored Panda The fabulous life of ...

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What A Woman Found On Her Banana Will Make You Swear Off ALL Fruit

One mother in England won’t be getting much sleep after opening a bag of bananas and finding something terrible inside. Maria Layton, 43, bought the ordinary bag of bananas from a supermarket in her hometown. The bag sat sealed on the kitchen counter for a full day before anyone opened it. Layton eventually got a banana for her 6-year-old daughter ...

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A Man Tipped This Waitress $36 For A Hot Dog

Mac’s Grub Shak in in Spring Hill, Tennessee, doesn’t have the fanciest menu. So big tips are far and few between. A few days ago, a man sat at down at Claire Hudson’s table and ordered two beers and a spicy burger to accompany his special Coney Island Dog. He ate, he paid, he left. When Claire went to bus ...

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Seniors Show Us What Our Generation Will Look Like In The Future

When you look at seniors today, do you ever think about what they looked like when they were young? Well reverse that and try to imagine our generation as the elderly. Will we take our fashion and attitude with us, the way past generations have? Photographer Alex de Mora gives us a glimpse of our potential future selves in a ...

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Smiling Babies

When Sandi Ford first started doing Newborn Photography, she noticed that when she was doing a normal newborn session, the baby would occasionally let out these huge grins – so infectious and heart melting! Nowadays, she has learned to recognize the little signs that a baby is about to let out a smile and she sits there ready with the ...

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This Man Transforms Himself Into Female Celebrities Using Crazy Makeup

Paolo Ballesteros is a 32 year old model and makeup artist. He has been transforming himself into female celebrities for sometime now. To say that he is talented is an understatement. He is more of a magician when given his makeup tools. His transformations are on point….it’s kinda crazy to look at! Kim Kardashian. ”Fifty Shades of Grey” star, Dakota ...

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