Monday , 20 October 2014

‘Walking Dead’ Star Lauren Cohan In Sharp Magazine


Photos That Seem Totally Legit – Bro My God

Wealthy Serbian Bachelors Shows Off His Luxurious Lifestyle To Lure A Bride – Caveman Circus

Ridiculously cute pets dressed up for Halloween – Ned Hardy

Soldier’s Room Still a Shrine 96 Years After WWI Death – Newser

America’s Worst Colleges – Washington Monthly

 20 Facts That Should Be Common Knowledge But Aren’t – Linkiest

Rachel Hilbert – Bikini Photos at Miami Beach – G-Celeb

Girls of Instagram: Olivia Jordan – Radass

Sarah Hyland showing some nice cleavage – Drunken Stepfather

Elon Musk : In 5 Years You’ll Be Able To Get In Your Car, Go To Sleep, And Wake Up At Your Destination – Business Insider

Men Vs Women Porn Search Stats  – Classy Bro

The 20 Worst Book Titles Ever! – World Wide Interweb

Abigail Ratchford is photogenic – Celeb Slam

A collection of beautiful, bountiful rumps – Regretful Morning

Super cute college girl – Double Viking

US Govt awards contract for Ebola vaccine 100% effective in animal test – Next Gov

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This Woman’s Tattoo Was A Surprise


This woman gave the tattoo artist free reign to tattoo whatever he wanted on her body. He observed her for a little while and that proceeded to give her a beautiful tattoo on her ribs. Would you ever let an artist give you a surprise tattoo?

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This Man Took In 20 Puppies


Greg Zubiak went hunting in the woods when he stumble upon a box filled with 20 puppies. He knew he couldn’t just leave the puppies there to fend for himself so he took them in. This man definitely deserves some sort of award for having such a kind heart.

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Iggy Azzalea is a scantily clad performer


Brutally Honest Notes Written By Kids – Radass

Extreme Makeover: Sex Mattress In The Middle Of The Woods Edition – Caveman Circus

Cosplayers Reveal Their Day Job – Ned Hardy

5 Things About Investing That You’ll Regret Not Knowing by Age 30 – Linkiest

Hot Girls In Tight Dresses – Bro My God

This is What A $95-Million Apartment Looks Like In New York City – Elite Daily

Hipsters in lingerie, eating pizza – Drunken Stepfather

Sixty Days To Beat Ebola, United Nations Warns – Sky News

Penelope Cruz bikini pics in St. Barts! – Celeb Slam

Woman 20 years after taking huge doses of steroids back in the 1990s (former bodybuilder) – Imgur

These Marvelous Mammaries Will Melt Your Face (15 Pics) – Regretful Morning

Tough Choice…The Blonde On The Left or The Right??? – Double Viking

Kindergarten teacher quits job to make six-figures twerking for a living – World Wide Interweb

Hot Fit Girls to Save The Day (15 Pics) – Classy Bro

The 7 Best First-Aid Kits – HiConsumption

10 Powerful Habits of The Ultra Successful – Addicted 2 Success

Leaked snapchat pics (19 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

Abigail Ratchfod models swimwear…nuff said – The Blemish

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