Saturday , 10 December 2016

Chanel West Coast Shows Nipples

Tesla Just Powered a 600-Person Island With Energy – Leenks The Creepiest Things Little Kids Have Ever Said – Ranker Barbara Palvin…Dayuuuum! – Hollywood Tuna Maisie Williams & Sophie Turner(?) Were in Thongs – G-Celeb Smile, It’s Hump Day! – Radass God bless the genius who invented yoga pants (32 Photos) – Bad Sentinel 24 things to consider before taking …

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Fascinating Pictures That You Definitely Didn’t See In History Class

These pictures have an incredible story to tell. Microsoft founders Bill Gates(13) and Paul Allen(15) connect to a PDP-10 computer at the University of Washington, through a teletype terminal at their Lakeside School in Seattle in 1968. Paul Allen describes meeting Bill Gates at the teletype machine: One day early that fall, I saw a gangly, freckle-faced eighth-grader edging his …

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Artist Turns Total Strangers Into Awesome Anime Characters

American artist Robert DeJesus has a special talent for drawing anime. He likes to use his talent to taking photos of total strangers and turning them into anime characters. Robert says he wishes he could get to everyone’s requests for pictures, but he would burn himself out if he tried.

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You’ll Be Surprised When You Find Out How Old These Celebrities Are

Sooner or later father time catches up to everyone, except these celebrities. They just don’t seem to age. Gwen Stefani The co-founder and lead vocalist of No Doubt, mother of three, Gwen Stefani is now 47. Yes, she really is. Believe us. We checked. Salma Hayek Were you a little shocked by Gwen Stefani’s age? Well, you better be sitting …

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Isn’t There Something Odd About All These Pictures?

Although this gallery looks ordinary, you’ll be shocked once you find out what’s making them all really odd pictures. Everything is gonna look normal unless you see it carefully and find the unusual occurrence from it. Doesn’t it sound like a puzzle? Well, it does. You’ll feel real hard in finding out what’s unusual in many of these pictures and …

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