These Realistic Celebrity Masks Are Both Creepy And Cool

Visual artist Landon Meier started making realistic masks as a hobby but not his company Hyperflesh is selling some of the best masks on the market. Their masks look incredibly realistic. The company pays great attention to detail and their masks are so realistic that at times they can be uncomfortable to look at.

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Man finds odd message in a bottle

A fella by the name of Norman MacDonald who hails from West Mabou was simply collecting trash from the shores of West Mabou Beach last Wednesday when he came across a rather odd little item. It was a 375 millilitre bottle of Sauza Gold Tequila. It wasn’t empty- but it wasn’t filled with Tequils O’Neals. It contained $25.00 Canadian, a …

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Natural phenomena that are almost better than science fiction

The Door to Hell is a gas fire in Turkmenistan that was ignited by scientists in 1971 and never stopped burning. That’s 45 years, in case you didn’t do the math. Huge flocks of up to 50,000 starlings form The Black Sun form in areas of the UK right before sundown in mid-winter. They’re also called murmurations. Running through the …

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Some of the craziest pizzas the world has to offer

Crocodile Pizza From Sydney This saltwater crocodile pizza is a speciality at the Australian Hotel in the Rocks, Sydney. Pizza in a jar Essentially all that you will be doing is layering your pizza ingredients into the jar and baking in an oven at 350 degrees. Don’t forget a fork!   Full English Breakfast Pizza A fairly simple concept here: …

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Taylor Swift Nearly Nude Picture

Why The ‘Russian Kim Kardashian’ Refused to Lose Her Glorious Curves – Maxim The Slums Of New York In 1890s (27 pics) – Leenks How one programmer broke the internet by deleting a tiny piece of code – Linkiest Bong Photo May Have Cost NFL Draft Pick Millions – Newser A Mexican Drug Lord’s House Got Raided. What They Found …

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