Gigi Hadid Behind The Scenes Bikini Candids

26 Times People Were Awesome…Even When They Didn’t Have To Be – Linkiest Chipotle Goes GMO-Free Today – Newser You Might Enjoy Linsey Pelas in Slow-Motion – G-Celeb Hot Girls In Nature (41 Photos) – Radass The 50 Douchiest Senior Portraits Of All Time – World Wide Interweb Kate Upton doesn’t sound thrilled that you can Google naked pictures of ...

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There’s a themed cruise for everything these days

Bare Necessities: The Grand Tour Providing the luxury of deciding what not to wear. Ghost Hunter’s Cruise A 7-day leisurely cruise that features ‘Ghost Hunter International’s’ Barry Fitzgerald and Karl Pfeiffer. *No ghost hunting will actually happen during this cruise Meow Meow Cruise The cruise to get that cat lady out of her house. *No cats allowed Duck Commander Cruise ...

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19 Lies Your Parents Probably Told You

Your parents lied to you, now let them know they lied to you and tell them their lies are bad and they should feel bad. Going to college is an automatic golden ticket to success It’s actually a one way ticket to an unpaid internship…or a very underpaid job. Enjoy high school; it’s the best years of your life. False. ...

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How Much the Human Body is Worth

Euro to Dollar conversion Corneas: $16,087.50 Skeleton: $5,367.05 Lungs: $220,935 Heart: $455,869.88 Kidney: $112,612.50 Liver: $111,540 Blood: $241.38/pint Skin: $6.44/inch Bones and ligaments: $3,861.49 Electricity: $131.93/year Car travel: $308.49 100 tb of storage: $2,681.31 Pumping power value: $91.17/year

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Jared Leto Makes the Perfect Joker in Suicide Squad

“Suicide Squad” director David Ayer gave the world its first look at Jared Leto’s Joker…and Jared Leto looks like he will make very creepy Joker and we love it. As ScreenRant pointed out, “Leto’s look and pose are a nod to ‘Batman: The Killing Joke,’” the 1988 Batman comics run in which Joker was a stand-up comedian who gets tangled ...

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This Alarm Clock Automatically Brews Coffee While You Wake

If you find yourself hitting the snooze button at the buzzing of your alarm clock in the morning, The Barisieur just might be the answer you’re looking for. Created by London-based industrial designer Josh Renouf, The Barisieur is an automatic coffee-brewing machine and alarm clock in one. Just think—you could be waking up to the sweet scent of a fresh ...

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