Saturday , 25 April 2015

People actually live on that little sliver of paradise

This is the Tikehau Atoll in French Polynesia. It’s the permanent home to about 300 residents, many of whom work on the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort. On a visit in 1987 Jacques Cousteau’s research group made a study of Tikehau’s lagoon and they discovered that it contains a greater variety of fish species than any other place in French Polynesia. ...

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Wool Copies Of Peoples’ Pets

Jessie Dockins is a needle felting artist who creates sculptures of dogs, owls, and other realistic (and whimsical) creatures. Many people commission to create dog sculptures of their or a family member’s favorite dog. These dogs are often referred to as “soul dogs” – dogs fate has placed with their human companions. She also receives many orders for sculptures of ...

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Seth Globepainter’s Murals of Children Immersed in Colorful Galaxies

Julien Seth Malland’s murals revive crumbling walls with vibrant images of children immersed in galaxies of color. The Paris-based artist, who also goes by the pseudonym Seth Globepainter, adds depth to flat, brick-and-plaster walls with a palette of vibrant hues that seem inspired by a crayon box. These rainbow splashes are contrasted by plain drawings of children that look like ...

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Adorable photos proving that your kids need a cat

Dogs get a lot of love as awesome family pets, but don’t write cats off. When they are not planning world domination, cats can be wonderful purring companions for children. Though they are excellent family pets, make sure your cat is socialized and that your children understand your cat’s boundaries – they may get a nasty scratch otherwise!

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Absolutely Bizarre (But Comfortable) Body Pillows

Body pillows are one of the most comfortable things you can own, but comfort doesn’t have to mean boring. Instead of snuggling up to the same old, plain options you find in the aisles at Target, take a spin with one of these bad boys. These pillows range from super adorable to…actually, pretty darn creepy. But hey, we aren’t here ...

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Owls Who Are Trying Really Hard To Hypnotize You Right Now

We don’t know what’s on their owl agenda. But we’re pretty sure we’ll do anything they say 1. “The first step in hypnosis is to relax. So … relax, ya?” 2. “You must clear your mind of all distractions. There are no distractions anymore.” 3. “Take a deep breath. Take another. I’m watching.” 4. “Look into my eyes. You should ...

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Jessica Alba’s Tight Ass In A Bikini

24 Everyday Struggles Of An iPhone User – Linkiest Pizza Man Interupts Masonic Worship (video) – Leenks Britney Spears Bikini Photos in Hawaii – G-Celeb Hot girls who are very generous with the cleavage – Radass UNC Coach Leaves $200 to Each Player in His Will – Newser 40 Must-See Travel Tips That Will Change Your Life Forever – Pulptastic ...

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Before you stay in a hotel again, you should listen up

Take it from somebody who has actually worked in hotels, all of these facts are true. Although some of these may be a bit gross, have no fear. There are simple tricks to help you make your next stay in a hotel great. To start things off, if you want a cheaper rate, don’t go through the third party websites ...

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