Wednesday , 28 June 2017

Someone In Bulgaria Is Putting Googly Eyes On Broken Street Objects

Last month we introduced you to the art of “eyebombing,” otherwise known as sticking googly eyes on basically anything you can find in order to make people smile. Well the trend has now reached Bulgaria thanks to a street artist called Vanyu Krastev, and as you can see from his “eye-catching” work, he certainly has an “eye” for the perfect …

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LA County Combats The Sun With Spilled Milk

Thanks to miles upon miles of dark surfaces it is a proven fact that cities are hotter than surrounding regions. Bricks and asphalt spend all day absorbing the hot sun and spend all night releasing that heat back into the city. In Los Angeles they are trying to do something about it and as of this month have begun experimenting …

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Rita Ora Bikini Pics From Cannes

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