Sunday , 25 September 2016

Stella Maxwell Boobs

The Russian Kim Kardashian told one modeling agency to shove it and we are so glad she did – Rare She decided to wear as little as possible on a news show and we are so glad she did – Faves This Guy Subsisted on Beer and Candy to Get Through a 2,190 Mile Run – Linkiest 10 Career Mistakes …

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The Most Beautiful Looking Plastic Banknotes In The World

Plastic or polymer banknotes were developed by the Reserve Bank of Australia in 1988 and they were designed to last longer than paper notes. Over the years many countries have adopted the plastic banknote, and some countries have made them look quite beautiful. Here are some of the best ones. Trinidad & Tobago New Zealand Cape Verde Brunei Easter Island …

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Underage Guy Dresses Up As His Mom So He Can Buy Alcohol

This guy doesn’t need a fake ID, because he has his mom’s ID and he’s putting it to good use. The South Ayrshire resident, whose identity is unknown recently became a sensation on social media after he put on a dress, a woman’s coat, sunglasses and a hat then posed as his mother while buying booze. The trick worked as …

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Matt LeBlanc Made An Awkward Joke About Emilia Clarke At The Emmys

Matt LeBlanc decided that the Emmys was the perfect place to let the world know that he wants to see Emilia Clarke naked. This moment between Emilia Clarke and Matt LeBlanc on the Emmys red carpet began innocently enough: They traded inanities about who was the bigger fan of whom. Then, E! cut to LeBlanc and host Jason Kennedy, who …

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The World Is A Better Place With These Awesome People Around

We all have seen enough crimes, murders, wars and other ugly things happening around the world to value it as the worst place to live. But as we’re busy going through the dark side of the world, we forget to catch up what’s going on the bright side of it. All you need to do is look around and you’ll …

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