Saturday , 27 August 2016

Jessica Alba In A Purple Bikini

10 Most Beautiful & Hottest Female Athletes – Linkiest Girls with Tattoos Are Pretty Damn Sexy – Bro My God The No. 1 sign it’s time to quit your job – Business Insider Guess That Ass – Friday Gif Edition – Barstool Sports Emma Roberts Hot Pink Bikini Photos in Miami – G-Celeb Cars Owned By Justin Bieber That He’s …

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Beachgoers In China Are Bathing In Algae

A green algae has appeared on the beaches of Qingdao, China, and the tourists don’t seem to mind one bit. The algae isn’t harmful to humans, as a matter of fact people are using it to protect their skin from the sun.

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Can you rank some of the best fight scenes in movie history?

Although some of us don’t like to admit it, the best part of a movie is when punches get thrown. Who did it best? The Matrix Neo vs Agent Smith Gladiator Maximus vs several gladiators The Bourne Ultimatum Bourne vs Desh John Wick John Wick vs the club Way of the Dragon Colt vs Tang Rocky Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo …

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Motocross Meets ATV: The DTV Shredder

It’s a skateboard, it’s a bike, it’s a tank — no it’s the DTV Shredder! At a glance, we couldn’t make out what exactly this thing is. It looked like all our favorite vehicles rolled into one. All we know is this is one ambitious ride and we’re drooling over every bit of it After five years of painstaking research, …

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