Stranger Changes A Single Mom’s Life With A $1,500 Tip

A stranger recently walked into a Denny’s in Utah and asked the hostess if her could have a server who is a single mom. He then sat in the restaurant for 2 hours and paid for the meals of 7 different families before leaving the single mom a $1,500 tip. Broadcast network NBC News was able to find the man …

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Starving Dog Gets Nursed Back To Health

A few weeks ago police in the city of Granada, Spain received a call about a dog that was being mistreated. When they found the dog he was nothing but skin and bones until he found some new owners that give him all the love and food he needs.

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What’s so cool about beavers, anyway?

Back during the ice age, the beasts that eventually developed into our modern day flat-tailed critters were called “Castoroides”. They looked almost exactly like modern day beavers, only they were about 8 ft long and 200 lbs. They also lacked the iconic flat tail. Back in the day, they were giants They have some sweet built-in mechanisms In order to …

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Emma Stone’s Ass In Tights

Cool Facts From Behind The Scenes Of Various Movies – Leenks Mark Hamill’s Autograph Messages Are The Funniest Things You’ll See Today – Linkiest Emma Roberts Wore Tights to the Gym in West Hollywood – G-Celeb Yoga Pants Always Make the Day Better – Bro My God Lindsay Lohan Cleavage with her Parents of the Day – Drunken Stepfather 17 …

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