Jennifer Lawrence Upskirt

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Cute Stray Cats From The Streets Of Tokyo

Japanese photographer Masayuki Oki loves taking pictures of all the stray cats in Tokyo. He spends a lot of time following these furry little creatures and capturing their cutest moments. He’s built up a following of cat lovers on Instagram and if you want to keep up with his antics you can follow him there.

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Sonic booms? actually, “no”

You may think that your looking at “sonic booms” but you’d be wrong. In fact, it’s almost impossible to “see” a sonic boom with the naked eye. As an aircraft gets near the speed of sound, around 767mph, a vapor cone forms around the plane. This cone forms from a discontinuity of air pressure and temperature when the air loses …

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Lizzy Caplan Hot Photos

A collection of Lizzy Caplan Hot Photos. Caplan is known for her roles in hits such as Masters of Sex, Into the Woods, The Interview, and True Blood…

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