Chris Pratt And Chris Evans Are Real Life Heroes At The Children’s Hospital

Chris Pratt and Chris Evans don’t just play superheroes on the big screen, they’re heroes in real life too. These two pals recently stopped by the Seattle Children’s Hospital to spread some joy and inspiration to the patients there. Together the two have teamed up to raise more than $27,000 for the Seattle Children’s Hospital and the charity Christopher’s Haven.

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Pictures That Are Too Real For People Who Play Settlers Of Catan

1. This move, which is literally the worst thing you can do to a human being: This progression: These words to live your life by: The SECOND worst thing you can do: …which leads to the card the game actually needs: …but also leads to you becoming a master architect: This very accurate chart: This totally impossible suggestion. Catan is …

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Cool Binary Watches And Everything Else You Missed This Weekend

Cool binary watches. Life-saving Galaxy Note 2s. Leaks of the HTC One M9 Plus. All the stuff you missed this weekend and more on BitStream. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Apple Watch. I know. But who gives a shit when you could own this binary beauty right here. Created by Jordan Wills, the binary wrist watch uses a microcontroller and blinking LEDs …

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ThinkGeek’s Made Its Flying USS Enterprise Frisbee Prank A Real Toy

ThinkGeek’s annual crop of April Fools’ Day prank products are not only great because the company puts so much time and effort into making them see as real as possible, but also because they often end up as products you can actually buy. The latest to go from prank to purchasable is that USS Enterprise flying disc from last April …

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I Wake Up At 5am To Hike In Transylvanian Mountains

Hiking and being in nature inspire me a great deal, and so capturing these experiences is one of my passions. During my journeys through Maramures (a small county from Transylvania, Romania) I captured these photos. Landscapes which I photographed in this region are serene and tranquil. Currently, I see my photographic style as a traditional landscape photography. I like to …

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What People Did With Super-Cheap Tape Is Incredible, You’ll Be Impressed

There are countless easy ways to make a room more interesting: it could be a change in furniture, a new paint job, or something more labor-intensive. But if you prefer a simple (and cheaper) solution over a more complex (and expensive) one, Washi Tape is just what you need. You can create amazing designs on any surface, transforming a room …

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60 Year Old Blind Elephant Beaten By Her Owners Finally Gets Rescued

One of the most horrific cruelty cases witnessed in elephant abuse, Lakhi the elephant was blinded by her cruel owners & handlers and then forced to beg at various temples and small towns to earn money for her owners. Mishandled, beaten and whipped all her life, she has several injuries and wounds on her chest, forehead, ears and back. A …

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The Ultimate Candice Swanepoel Nude Photo Compilation

Want To See What A 300 Million Dollar Yacht Looks Lik? – Linkiest Unemployment Rate Lowest Since May 2008 – Newser Selena Gomez in a Sports Bra – G-Celeb uTorrent’s latest update installs a cryptocurrency miner – The Verge I’m a Sucker for Charli XCX (41 Pics) – Radass The 20 Dumbest Thing Ever Said On The Internet – World …

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Intricate costumes, elaborate face and body tattoos, and traditional Maori tribal dances: Inside New Zealand’s biennial National Kapa Haka Festival

Colourful costumes, face tattoos and impressive dance moves… these are just a few of the things spectators will see during the elaborate performances of the Te Matatini National Kapa Haka Festival.The biennial event, which celebrates traditional Maori performing arts, is currently taking place at Hagley Park in Christchurch, New Zealand.This year, 45 teams from New Zealand and Australia are showcasing …

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Genuine feelings and emotions of people around the world.

Portraits made by talented photographers are priceless. They make you feel as if you travel thousands of kilometers and feel yourself on the place of another person, and experience his emotions. Happy couple, Thailand. Albino and African sleeping and hugging. Two brothers. Boy playing the violin at the funeral of his teacher. Chief, Brazil Egyptian kisses police officer who refused …

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Before the invention of electricity, gas stoves, refrigerators and other complex automated systems, many kinds of work were made by hand. Some of them were very dangerous, where only women and children worked. Pinspotter Before the advent of machines bowling alleys were placed manually. This profession was called pinspotter and teenagers were doing this job mainly because of low wages, …

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