Wednesday , 28 September 2016

Taylor Swift Wearing Short Shorts To The Gym

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Is This Pennsylvania House Really Cursed?

York County, Pennsylvania may not be as infamous as Salem but it had its fair share of witches and magic too. To this day the murder of Nelson Rehmeyer in 1928 and everything else that happened in this house continues to haunt the county.

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These Sculptures Are Made From An Everyday Item

Artist Augusto Esquivel creates sculptures using not only an unexpected medium, but also an unexpected way of using them. To create his life-sized, three-dimensional pieces, he uses buttons and thread. But he doesn’t sew the buttons to anything. Oh no. Instead, Esquivel hangs the buttons on the thread to create a 3D sculpture using nothing but meticulously sorted colored buttons.

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Mother And Daughter Turn Used Antique Pocketwatch Parts Into Jewelry

Mother Elainer and Daughter Alice from Hampshire, UK teamed up to take Steampunk to the next level with their imaginative creations and painstaking attention to details. Back in 2011 the duo found a bag of old 1930’s-1960’s watch parts in their garage, given to Elaine back in the 1980’s when she used to run a craft shop. They thought the …

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