Wednesday , 31 August 2016

Making It Up – Beauty Series By Juan Sánchez Castillo

His wife loves miniature figures. She used to have whole doll houses filled with little figurines and furniture. And he really loves beauty and fashion photography. With their two hobbies combined, his collection of inspirational images became the beginning of this project.

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This Woman Said Goodbye To Her Dog With A Beautiful Bucket List

Lauren Fern Watt and her English Mastiff, Gizelle, had been on many adventures in their eight years together. So when Lauren got the heartbreaking news that her beloved friend had been diagnosed with bone cancer and had only a few months left to live, she knew that they had to fit as many new experiences in as they could in …

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Taylor Swift’s Legs VS. Jessica Alba’s Thigh Gap Bikini Battle

Best Butt On The Internet Battle – Bro My God How One Guy ‘Hooked’ a Small City on Heroin – Newser Jeff Hardy — Knocked Out Cold After Scary Fall From Cage (Video) – Linkiest No Pants Subway Ride Day 2015 (27 Pics) – Radass Salma Hayek bikini pics…dat ass! – Celeb Slam Can’t Argue With That Logic (20 Photos) …

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