Friday , 12 February 2016

Kylie Jenner Red Bra And Panties Selfie

The 5 Creepiest Foreign Versions of Disney Fairy Tales – Linkiest 30 Days of LSD Microdosing Part 1: Buying LSD Online – The Hustle 45 of Your Childhood Crushes (Then and Now) – Ranker This Guy Lived In An IKEA Store For Two Days Without Being Caught. Here’s How He Did It – Slip Talk 15 Signs that She Wants …

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China just released amazing photos from its first moon landing

China has released hundreds of photos to the public from their Chang’e 3 mission which landed on the Moon in 2013. Because Chinese website that housed the photos was a bit cumbersome and difficult to use, Emily Lakadawalla of the Planetary Society downloaded all of the photos and organized them in a user friendly format for us to view. Here …

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A Blind Man Became A Professional Surfer By Listening To The Ocean

Derek Rabelo’s father always dreamed he would become a surfer but Derek was born blind due to glaucoma. When Derek found out about his father’s dream he didn’t let his disability stop him. He started surfing at the age of 17 and now at 23 he’s a professional. Derek says that he learned to surf by listening to the waves. …

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