Jennifer Lawrence’s Hottest Moments Video

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Creative Guy Uses Old Rusty Chain For Something Awesome

This guy found an old rusty chain at a metal junk yard and he decided to do something fun with it. He took the chain and combined it with some old wood from a building that was being demolished and he put them together to make one of the coolest tables you’re ever going to see.

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Cat Owners Use GPS To Learn About Their Pets’ Habits

A few Australian cat owners decided to tag their cats with GPS units so that they could see where the cats are going in their free time. Most of the owners assumed that their cats were staying local but a few of them were surprised when they finally saw where their cats were roaming.

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Lucky Tortoise Receives The First Ever 3D Printed Shell

Freddy the tortoise was unfortunately caught in a fire in Brazil and he was badly injured. Things didn’t look good for Freddy but a group known as The Animal Avengers came to his rescue. They helped to create the world’s first ever 3D printed shell and with it they’ve been able to give Freddy a second chance at life.

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