Wednesday , 28 September 2016

This Park In Japan Is Home To Hundreds Of Statues

A Japanese photographer recently found a forbidden forest while wandering in Toyama Prefecture. The photographer Ken Ohki, better known as Yukison, found a park with hundreds of humanoid looking sculptures. Many sculptures were created by the park’s owner Matsuo Furukawa and the idea was to use the sculptures to attract visitors. That obviously didn’t work out and now there are …

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Google Has The Most Badass Offices!

Check out these pics of Google offices from around the world if you don’t believe me.  These hanging pods in the Chicago office look super comfortable — and can act as a meeting space. The Venice Beach office — which was designed by architect Frank Gehry — has amenities like a custom pool table and vintage arcade games. …or head …

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Most Brilliant Shower Thoughts That You Won’t Ignore

These most brilliant shower thoughts are the proof that greatest thoughts happen inside a human mind during his/her shower. This is because during the shower our mind is completely relaxed and in that situation when we let our mind wander through things, it could sometimes come up with greatest thoughts. Have you ever came across the same, where you thought …

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Funniest Car Fails Of All Time

How often do you drive? We all have driven some vehicles at some point in our life, haven’t you? But have you ever find yourself in hilarious situations like these? Most probably you haven’t. However, these are the 20 funniest car fails that would ever happen in the world. See how weirdly these people had gone with their cars.

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Funny Signs From Around the World

Do you know what’s more important for a signboard? It should be understandable, doesn’t it? From error-free grammar to confusion-free signs everything should be perfect in a signboard to make it understandable for others. But unfortunately, people around the world are suffering from these funny signs that are hard to understand even for those who created them.

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Stella Maxwell Boobs

The Russian Kim Kardashian told one modeling agency to shove it and we are so glad she did – Rare She decided to wear as little as possible on a news show and we are so glad she did – Faves This Guy Subsisted on Beer and Candy to Get Through a 2,190 Mile Run – Linkiest 10 Career Mistakes …

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