Debby Ryan Outtakes From Bello Magazine

Pictures that prove you have a dirty mind – Leenks  6 Famous People Who Did Creepy Things to Their Own Family – Linkiest To Land a Job Here, It’s a 15-Hour Interview – Newser 7 Ways to React to Rejection from SEXY Girls – G-Celeb Presentation of candidates of Miss Reef Chile 2015…Perfect Rumps Everywhere! – Youtube Emma Stone is Everything ...

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You Won’t Believe How This Awful Mother Tried To Shame Her Child

Melany Joyce Alexander has been arrested on charges of child abuse after hitting her child with a belt and sending her to school wearing the ridiculous shirt pictured below. She tried to shame her daughter by forcing her to wear a t-shirt that talked about her bad grades and more. Obviously Melany isn’t so bright because she’s the one that ...

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The World’s Oldest Identical Twin Sisters

Like most twins, Florence Davies and Glenys Thomas are devoted to each other. But their devotion is exceptional – they have stayed inseparable for 103 years! These lovely sisters lived through both world wars and are now considered to be the oldest living twins in the world.

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