Monday , 24 October 2016

Ariel Winter Ass In White Lace

Man Reunites With Gorilla He Raised Years Ago – Leenks Ronda Rousey’s return to the UFC has finally been announced – FanBuzz 8 Absurdly Bad Ideas Studios Almost Forced Into Great Movies – Cracked Men Describe the Creepiest Girl They’ve Ever Met – Ranker Kate Upton Emptying Junk From Her Trunk – G-Celeb Ariel Winter’s Creepy Cleavage of the Day …

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Bad News For The Drivers Who Don’t Respect Parking Laws

All those who have a problem respecting parking laws will probably meet Barnacle very soon. Barnacle is a device invented by American company called ‘Ideas that Stick.’ It actually sticks to the car windshields with 750 pounds of force. The device is currently on its testing stage and will be a huge pain in the neck for some drivers out …

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Incredibly Beautiful Photos Of Abandoned Places

The ruins of an old castle in Sintra, Portugal An abandoned church in Detroit, USA Crystal Mill, Colorado, USA A forgotten railway tunnel in Paris, France Sintra Well, Portugal A ghost town destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, Belchite, Spain A house in the countryside, Norway The skeleton of a stranded ship in County Louth, Ireland A lonely abandoned church, France Another abandoned chapel The yellow brick road in a deserted ’Land of Oz’ …

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Artists makes an art form out of avocados

One day artist Boris Toledo Doorm was nomming on some avocado, like he’d done so many days before, when a started to wonder if he could make artwork using the green food as his medium. 6 hours later he had completed his first masterpiece and he realized he could in fact use the food as a viable canvas for a …

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Awesome Things That Anybody Would Fall In Love With

We all have desires in our mind that changes every once in a while. Today, if your desire is to have the new Apple iPhone 7, it will be something else tomorrow. But the desire never stops and it’ll just keep coming after you. Always a desire pops out in our mind when we see some cool things around. Check …

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