Thursday , 23 March 2017

Dove Cameron Is Super Hot

Iryna Ivanova Will Blow Your Pants Off – Yes Bitch 18 Movies That Will Make Any Lady Question Their Sexuality – Ranker Crazy Woman Crashes Car Through Gas Station and Attacks Witnesses – Radass Raiding Victoria Justice’s Social Media! – Hollywood Tuna A damn fine collection of bewbs, awesomeness and everything in between – Leenks Sonia Tlev Bikini Photos in …

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How Much Money People In The Porn Really Actually Make

It’s true what they say, it pays to be in porn. Makeup artists: $500 Still photographers: $500 Writers: $250-$400 Production Assistant: $100-$250 Sound Technician: $300-$400 Cameraperson: $500-$700 Director: $1,000-$3,000 Male Performer: $500-$1,500 Female performer, all-woman scene: $700-$1,200 Female performer, man/woman scene: $300-$1,500 Source

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Hot Model Mariia from Moscow

“High by the sun and winged by the beauty of that magical place. Our photographs came all naturally with the flow by enjoying the moment and hanging around at the poolside. If I could choose, shooting days should always be exactly like this one.”

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