Some health benefits of marijuana worth putting to the test

We all know medical marijuana has a ton of benefits, but what are they, exactly? Aside from the common response of treating PTSD & arthritis, here are 10 more health benefits of marijuana. Slows Tumor Growth – The American Association for Cancer Research has found that marijuana considerably slows down tumor growth, specifically in the lungs, breasts and brain. Prevent ...

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Check out the prices at the very first McDonald’s

Last week marked the 60th anniversary of the opening of the first McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois. To promote the opening, Ray Kroc took out an ad in the Des Plaines journal advertising the low prices. It worked, and Kroc’s restaurant took in $366.12 in the first day.

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19 of the most heavily guarded places on Earth

Vatican Secret Archives Despite the church’s attempt at openness, critics say the contents aren’t accessible enough since only qualified clergy and academics are allowed inside the facility, and even those granted entry cannot view items without advanced approval.Thus, the skeptics remain, with theories ranging from the cavern hiding gospels that contradict the Bible, to it housing the earliest known collection ...

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Ricky Gervais declared war on animal trophy hunters via social media

An animal hunter recently posted this photo of herself with a dead giraffe that really grinded animal activist Ricky Gervais’ gears. Ricky’s response to the photo. The Tweet went viral in an instant. Shortly after that he posted a photo by trophy hunter Rebecca Francis who recently posted this photo. Rebecca is a winner of the competition show Extreme Huntress ...

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A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos

Photo Of A Doctor Who Just Lost His Young Patient “The man pictured was unable to save one of his patients. Though this is a common occurrence in our field of work, the patients we lose are typically old, sick, or some combination of the two. The patient that died was 19 years old, and for him, it was one ...

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Taylor Swift Sexy Ass

Man Spents 40 years building His Own Human-Powered Theme Park – Linkiest Hot girls rocking the short shorts – Bro My God Round 2 of Selena Gomez Beach Photos in Mexico! – G-Celeb Inmate Carves 666 Into His Forehead, Is Foiled by Mirror – Newser Meet Miss Radass Katie DeLuca (16 Photos) – Radass The Definitive Collection Of Princess Leia ...

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