Mansory Modifies The Coolest Luxury Cars On The Planet

Mansory is a company from Germany that specializes in supercar customization. They’ve worked with the best of the best in the industry including Ferrari, Lamboghini, Porsche and more. They know how to take a car awesome to extraordinary. The first two Lamborghinis are Aventador LP700-4 GTs which Mansory named the “Carbonado” and “Stealth Edition”. Carbon-fiber is weaved together for structural …

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A Company Is Turning Old Airplane Parts Into Awesome Furniture

A design studio with clever named Fallen Furniture is using old airplane parts to create elegant looking furniture. The furniture is perfect for aviation enthusiasts or anyone that just wants some cool looking furniture in their house. Boeing 747 Wheel Tables Boeing 737 Cowling Chair RAF MK1 Practice Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet Boeing 747 Wheel Table: Black Edition A320 Leading …

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Rescue Dogs Are Now Helping To Rescue Other Dogs

Pikelet and Patty Cakes are two rescue dogs that know what it’s like to go through tough times. That’s why they’ve been stepping up to help the Wollongong Animal Rescue Network Inc. Pikelet and Patty Cakes have been caring for other dogs in need of love and their newest friend that they recently adopted is named potato.

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Fascinating Photos That Prove Only The Strong Survive In The World Of Sports

Action shots, awesome fights and more from the fascinating word of sports. Wanderlei Silva after his fight with Chuck Liddell in 2007 Ty Cobb “sliding” into home Mike Tyson’s morning training Jason Pierre-Paul Released Graphic Photos of His Hand Just After Firecracker Incident Dennis Lebedev face after brutal fight with Guillermo Jones MJ vs Kobe Ruslan Provodnikov’s Urine After His …

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This guy could give the Mountain a run for his money

This is Reverend Kevin Fast from Coburg, Ontario, also known as “The Worlds Strongest Priest” according to Guinness World Records. Why do they call him that, you ask? Rev. Kevin’s a bit of a powerhouse, holding 24 records that involve feats of strength. He’s like the Canadian Mountain, without the propensity for violence. So far he’s pulled firetrucks, planes, a …

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Megan Fox And Olivia Wilde In Bikinis

20 Strongest Militaries In The World (20 pics) – Leenks Beautiful Advice from a Divorced Man after 16 Years of Marriage – Ned Hardy We Can’t Get Enough Of Yovanna Ventura on Instagram – Maxim Hey, Sorry, But 5 Of Your Favorite Things Are Racist – Linkiest This WWE diva has released some hot videos that will get you all …

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