Ballet cat dances with such beauty and grace

Some cats might excel in hunting mice or birds, others might have more of a fondness for napping or eating lasagna, but this curious feline has decided to take up something a tad more off the beaten path — dancing. Ballet dancing to be precise.

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People Over 60 Share Crucial Life Advice

Now that they’re over 60, these people have learned a thing or two about how to live a happy life and now they’re sharing their wisdom with the world.   1. “Don’t look at the calendar. Just keep celebrating every day.” 2. Years go by in the blink of an eye. Don’t marry young. Live your life. Go places. Do …

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19 Awesome Photos Of Famous People From Before They Were Famous

An interesting look at some of the world’s most famous stars before they hit it big. Milla Jovovich eating at a diner in the early stages of her modeling career. Steve Buscemi working as a New York City firefighter. Frank Sinatra after being arrested. Nicole Kidman promoting 1983 movie BMX Bandits. A young Kurt Cobain practicing guitar. Robin Williams in …

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Bella Hadid Upskirt

10 Bizarre Facts That Will Make You Lose Faith In The Modern World – Linkiest That day a lone Gurkha took out 30 Taliban using every weapon within reach – Business Insider Ariel Winter Does Her Best ‘Alba’ Pose – G-Celeb Louis C.K. Killed It On Jeopardy (Video) – World Wide Interweb Hot & Sexy Girls With Guns (20 Pics) …

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