Wednesday , 22 November 2017

Woman Steals Her Own Stolen Bike After Finding It On FB

Just hours after her bike was stolen from her, Jenni Morton-Humphreys found it for sale on Facebook. She then went and pretended to take a test ride before pedaling away and stealing the bike back. Officers declined to help her with the sting operation, and warned her not to go through with it, but she did it anyway.

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The Ultimate Unsolved Mystery Of Women’s Bodies

Nature’s ultimate mystery isn’t the Bermuda Triangle or the singing sand dunes, it’s the female body. I’ve done as much experimenting and researching as the fairer sex would allow me and I am still pleasantly puzzled from time to time. These people, however, definitely need a refresher course on the female anatomy. “I tried to schedule a c section because …

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Kate Upton And Alexandra Daddario In Epic Boob Battle

The Biggest Dark Web Takedown Yet Sends Black Markets Reeling – Wired Sexy Shuffle #74 (36 Pics) – Lurk And Perv Inside the Often-Sexless World of The Giantess Fetish – VICE J-Lo, Hilary Duff and Other Random Ladies – G-Celeb Curvy Girls Rock The World (33 Photos) – Radass Top 10 Evil Human Experiments – Listverse Florida State Attorney Stopped …

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