Tuesday , 21 November 2017

Palace of the President of Zimbabwe

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  • sam

    WTF man……this is indian movie actor shahrukh khan’s house in mumbai ..its called “mannat”…and not zimbabwe president’s palace ………

  • Soendoro Soetanto

    Nice house 🙂

    Soendoro Soetanto

  • hassana lukat

    Wow! But it’s very unfortunate for one of the poorest countries in the world gappling in abject poverty.

  • honzig

    good to know where the foreign aid ends up … 🙁

  • maxon

    Seriously – some people have absolutely no taste. What’s it called? Oh yeah, Dictator Chic. Yuck.

  • blobby

    Lol, this is so fake and old.

    The house is one up for sale in Beverley Hills.

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  • Hmm

    Paid for with the blood of his people.

  • eqz

    And let’s believe EVERYTHING we see on the Internet !

  • is it in Zumbabe or white house ?

  • is it in Zimbabwe or white house ?

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