Saturday , 17 February 2018

Scandinavian Words We Need To Bring To America

Tree murder. That is all.

1. Dugnad, Norway

Definition: Voluntary work done as a community.
Suggested use: When you and your roommates need to pool together before the guy you like comes over because there’s a sink full of dishes, pizza boxes on the coffee table, and empty wine bottles everywhere.


2. Fulparkerare, Sweden

Definition: Ugly parker.
Suggested use: When you see ~that guy~ who took up two compact spaces with his one oversized SUV.


3. Fylleangst, Norway

Definition: The feeling you get the morning after an intense round of drinking wondering what you did the night before.
Suggested use: When you wake up Sunday morning and realize you probably texted “U still up?” to your crush at 3 a.m.


4. Ogooglebar, Sweden

Definition: Un-Googleable. Something or someone you cannot find on Google.
Suggested use: When your friends ask about your date tonight, and you’ve come up empty-handed from a Google creep.


5. Tradmord, Sweden

Definition: It ACTUALLY means “tree murder.”
Suggested use: When your roommate uses 20 paper towels to clean up his beer spill.


6. Appa, Sweden

Definition: To “app”/ use an app.
Suggested use: When you’re trying to figure out which hairstyle would look good on you and your friend says, “You can appa it.”


7. Kabelsalat, Norway

Definition: When all your cables get twisted up with each other.
Suggested use: When your headphones are somehow attached to your phone charger and you cannot for the life of you get them apart.


8. Buksvåger, Sweden

Definition: Someone who has had sex with someone you’ve already had sex with.
Suggest use: When your BFF is telling you about the hottie from the bar last night and you realize you hooked up with them and never called back.


9. Lagom, Sweden

Definition: Not too much, not too little. Just right.
Suggested use: When someone asks if you want another drink, but you’re in that sweet spot where everything feels great.


10. Knullruffs, Sweden

Definition: Messy post-sex hair.
Suggested use: When you need to explain your new ‘do to your friends.


11. Utepils, Norway

Definition: Outside beer. A drink you have at an outdoor pub or restaurant.
Suggested use: When the polar vortex is over and you can have happy hour out on the terrace.


12. Orka, Denmark

Definition: Having the energy.
Suggested use: When your friends ask you to come out to happy hour, but you’d rather chill at home, tell them no orka.


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