Tuesday , 21 October 2014

Incredible Weight Loss

Roberto Enrieu, 45, has lost a staggering 25 stone after transforming his diet and lifestyle A man who once weighed more than a baby elephant has become fit enough to run the London Marathon after losing a staggering 25 stone.

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  • http://everything-everywhere.com/2008/03/31/twelve-apostles-great-ocean-road-australia/ Today

    This is one person in 100,000. For the most part, once fat, always fat, and trying to lose weight is will always end up in sorrow.

  • http://techsecret.blogspot.com/ Raj

    The biggest Loser! Truely Unbelievable.

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  • B.

    What a wonderful achievement! Losing weight is one the hardest things you can do, and he did it! Good for him!

  • person

    He really has a strong will. It’s wonderful to see such an ambitious person accomplish his goal.

  • http://tragicbeautiful.com/ Throckmorton Jones

    I’ve lost 60 pounds with another 30 to go. Its hard work, but its worth it. It does take a lifetime of commitment not to turn right back around and re-gain it though. This guy did great!

  • nazya

    amazing ,,,,,how did u do this ?